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Behrens Concept Device For A Biofuel Generating Robot


Living in a world where gas and oil prices are certainly on the rise, Rudolph Behrens has come up with a theoretical solution for preparing/gathering biofuel. He has begun raising funds at Kickstarter for a 26x14 foot robot that uses a wind turbine with radial blades on top and a PV panel.

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The Biofuel Race – First Algae, Now Tequila


The world’s population continues to grow at a quarter of a million people per day, resulting in the need for more and more energy. With our dwindling oil supply and increasing demand for energy, experts are turning to biofuels as an alternative to fossil fuels. First generation biofuels Wheat, corn, soy and sugar cane can all be used to produced biofuel. ...

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Paper waste powered car roams Washington


We've all heard about alternative fuels and how we should be considering them for the next generation of vehicles. You could use hydrogen fuel cells, but Novozymes and Fiberight have come up with a more interesting solution: paper. They've taken waste paper and waste cardboard from government offices in DC and turned that garbage into gas.

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Algae-Based Biodiesel Could Provide Viable Energy Alternative

If you’ve been paying attention to Al Gore, then you’ll know that our planet is hurting and we should all be doing something to clean things up. Part of this has to do with our reliance on fossil fuels and all the pollutants that result from their consumption. There’s got to be a cleaner, greener solution, right? Well, Colorado State ...

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