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Three Microsoft Shareholders Want Bill Gates To Step Down As Chairman


Three of the top 20 investors in Microsoft reportedly want Bill Gates to step down as chairman of the company.

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Code.org Backed by Tons of Tech Celebrities and They All Want you To Code


A new PSA by Code.org has been composed completely of well-known figures discussing the importance of learning how to code.

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Injection-Free Vaccination Goes After HIV and Malaria Without the Needle


In a news post published just a few days ago, King’s College London announced that their scientists have successfully “demonstrated the ability to deliver a dried live vaccine to the skin without a traditional needle”. This research, and an injection-free vaccination, could be instrumental in the development of vaccines for HIV, malaria and tuberculosis. The tiny disc, shown above, has several sugar micro-needles ...

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Microsoft Gettin’ Cocky: Scoffs at Post PC Era, We’re In PC+ Era


The Apple viewpoint, which has been continued by Tim Cook, is that the "tablet and the PC are different." Turner's viewpoint, on the other hand, is that "we think that's completely incorrect."

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Gates-Backed TerraPower Working Towards Next-Gen Nuclear Power Reactors


Last week, Gates revealed that his nuclear power startup is in talks with the government officials in China regarding their fourth-generation nuclear power technology.

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Bill Gates Considering Return To Microsoft?


A article from Fortune surfaced just today (12/8), discussing the possible rumor of Bill Gates returning to the helm of Microsoft.

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Dirt Could Power Cell Phones in Africa


In Sub-Saharan Africa, 22 per cent of households have mobile phones. People who live in remote areas benefit from mobile phones as they can use them to contact health care practitioners, or use health care apps and stay connected with their family and friends. Yet over 500 million people living in the region lack power in their homes.

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Nokia Microsoft Team Up, Bill Gates Dumps 90M Shares


After all kinds of rumor and hearsay, the relationship is now official. Nokia and Microsoft are going steady. Elop and Ballmer even exchanged promise rings. (Okay, not really, but they may as well have.)

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