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Pimp my ride: Glowing Cyglo bicycle tires use embedded LEDs


Cyglo is a company based in the UK who has been awarded a couple of patents in the US and UK to sell what could be the next craze in bicycle fashion and um safety. The Cyglo tires, or “tyres” in British English, use embedded LED lights within the sidewall or top of the tires. The LEDs can either blink or stay on permanently; when the wheel turns at any speed, the highly visible ring of light is formed. The best part about it, there’s no battery pack or other contraption required to power the Cyglos. They are “continually and perpetually” creating their own power as the tire spins.

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Formula 1 engineers create BERU Factor 001 bicycle


Formula 1 engineers have proven their genius and created something out of the box, yes its true –this time it’s not a car, not even a motorcycle but a bicycle. It’s a master-piece creation of BERU F1 Systems (British engineering firm), factor 001 was designed from scratch and according to the ideas of the talented engineers of BERU, they believe is the best design bicycle design ever.

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