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BBC’s 4K Documentary Shows A Barnacle Gosling Falling Down A Cliff Face


Death-defying stunt by a barnacle gosling.

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Peregrine Falcon vs Skydiver (Video)


Peregrine falcon, the fastest animal in the world, going after a lure carried by a skydiver.

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iPlayer for Kindle plays videos… as comic strips


BBC's Mark Longstaff-Tyrrell is bringing video playing capabilities to the Kindle by way of the iPlayer for Kindle. Longstaff-Tyrrell essentially took the BBC iPlayer video streaming service and adapted it to the Kindle platform by tossing in some software coding of his own and adding closed captioning. You can "watch" the videos on your e-reader because the iPlayer takes DVB digital TV and closed captioning info, together with any frame that has dialogue involved, and puts them together.

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British Teen Shoves Electronic Drum Kit in Jeans


Paul Rudd might have taught us how to slap the bass, but what if you could go around slapping your jeans to the beat with a full electronic drum set? That's exactly the dream realized by 17-year-old Aseem Mishra.

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