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Future Batteries to Run on Sugar


Most kids these days use sugar as a source of super-efficient fuel, over-clocking their supercharged bodies into a short burst of uncontrollable hyperactive brain power. It doesn't last long, but whilst it’s there, the kids feel almost impenetrable.

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Lithium Imide batteries are like Lithium Ion on steroids


Some years ago, the creation of Li-Ion batteries lead to a considerable technological progress, thanks to which we can now use laptops for hours and telephones for days without charging them. Still, the Li-Io batteries had their flaws: tendency to explode, susceptibility to heat and degradation, some cells losing up to 50% of capacity within 300-500 charges. The battery juice is limited and in most cases Lithium batteries last less than a couple of years.

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Leyden Energy Launches Three-year Lithium Ion Batteries


How many of you have run into the overheating, premature death of a laptop battery? I know we have. Then you may like the news of a three year battery - guaranteed. Last week Leyden Energy launched its next-generation replacement lithium-ion batteries for laptops.

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Three-Dimensional Film Batteries Charge 100 Times Faster


Before electric cars can really become a completely viable alternative to the regular gas-powered vehicles on the road, they need to have a way to charge up more quickly. The new 3D film batteries being developed by University of Illinois could be the answer.

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