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The Dark Night Rises Batmobile tumblers spied in Pittsburgh


If you were hoping for the next Batman film to come any time soon, well, don’t hold your breath. Christopher Nolan’s franchise is still in production. Although, like most Nolan films, production details are usually kept secret, but this time the crew of The Dark Night Rises was recently spotted in Pittsburgh filming some mystery scenes.

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Batman finally gets a green Batmobile


Finally, Batman is going green. Trading in his jet turbine powered Batmobile for an eco-friendly upgrade from UK designer Gordon Murray. Unfortunately, this pimped-out Batmobile won’t be in the upcoming Christopher Nolan film, The Dark Knight Rises. Though it would give a highlight to hydrogen fuel cell technology, Christian Bale won’t be driving it around the Gotham set. The car will be used in the Batman Live World Arena Tour, which is a broadway show featuring the Caped Crusader and all the DC supervillians that have it in for him. The show starts in the UK this summer.

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