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Artisan Radar Can Spot A Supersonic Tennis Ball 25km Away (Video)


BAE Systems’ Artisan radar, developed for the Royal Navy, is so advanced that it can detect a tennis ball traveling at Mach 3 more than 25km away.

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Military getting infrared invisibility cloak


This is positively astounding technology if it really does work. For centuries, mankind has been dreaming of the day when they can have an invisibility cloak and, well, this is pretty darn close. It's called Adaptiv and it's a technology developed by BAE.

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US Navy gets Mk 38 Mod 2 Tactical Laser System


Boeing might be a company better known for developing all kinds of aircraft, but they do other things, too. For instance, Boeing partnered up with BAE Systems to develop an advanced laser weapon system for the United States Navy. The net result is this: The Mk 38 Mod 2 Tactical Laser System.

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BAE to fight pirates with laser cannons


No, their not going to get some sharks and mount frickin laser beams on their heads. Instead, it seems that BAE Systems has developed a non-lethal laser that will act as a "deterrent" against pirate attacks on commercial vessels, like the ones that usually serve as targets for the aforementioned Somali pirates (and others of that ilk).

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