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Self-Driving Mercedes S-Class Boasts a Lot of Fancy Tech

S-Klasse Grafiken, (W 222), 2012

There's so much more to a car than simply getting you from Point A to Point B and the newest version of the Mercedes S-Class is looking to really push the envelope in the tech department. And it starts with more automated driving ability.

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Ford Traffic Jam Assist Gets Us Closer to Automated Driving (Video)


There are systems out there with "adaptive" cruise control, but Ford's Traffic Jam Assist is an "intelligent driving feature" that will take that to a whole new level.

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Cars that drive themselves


LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) is a new way of looking at the world.   With 64 spinning lasers, LIDAR images the world in a true 3D manner by measuring the distance from a stationary or moving position at a million points per second.   The image is recreated by the control software in a similar way as modern video gaming operates.

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