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Massive Asteroid Could Wipe Out Mankind in 2032


Astronomers based out of Ukraine have detected a giant asteroid that could be on a catastrophic collision course with the Earth. The projected date, at this point, is August 26, 2032.

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Using Nuclear Weapons to Prevent a Real Armageddon


While we deal with our Earth-bound problems, scientists have recognized that a "devastating" asteroid is currently hurtling its way toward our planet and it could wipe us all out when it makes impact in a few years.

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NASA Plans to Kidnap an Asteroid for Further Study


In the Star Trek universe, our brave heroes endeavor to "boldly go where no man has gone before." NASA is taking a slightly different approach, bringing the world of space closer to us instead.

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Time Lapse of Asteroid DA14 As it Passes By Earth


Just recently we encountered the close passing lose passing of the asteroid DA14, which cam as close as 17,000 miles away.

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