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Arduino Co-Creator Releases Plans for $200 DIY Mobile Phone


Mellis was one of the people who came up with the now hugely popular Arduino platform and now he has come up with plans for people to build their own cell phone for about $200 in parts.

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How To Choose The Best AA Battery


At the supermarket, we look at the price/kg or price/l when comparing similar products. But we can’t really do that when it comes to getting an AA battery. For getting those, people usually go for names they are familiar with, such as Duracell or Panasonic, or go after attractive terms such as ‘PLUS’, ‘SUPER’ or 'MAX'. But Denis Hennessy had other ideas. He bought a pack of every AA battery type he could find to do an experiment to see which brand provides the most bang for the buck.

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Cryoscope Will Let You Feel The Weather Tomorrow, Literally (Video)


Weather reports are useful sometimes, useless others. To make things interesting and switch it up from watching those typical forecasted weather reports, how about feeling the weather tomorrow?  I know that I still have a habit of stepping outside to “see how cold it is” and whether I need a coat or not, even if I happen to have the ...

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