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TomTom iPhone app gets Google local search, real-time traffic


I'm not much of one to use standalone GPS navigation devices, I can't even recall the last time I needed one as I prefer to use the free Google Maps application on my Nokia smartphone. But that's not to say traditional GPS makers aren't gonna go down without a fight. TomTom, still one of the world's leading providers of navigation solutions and digital maps, is shifting their focus to the world of smartphones. More specifically, enhancementsfor the iPhone TomTom app. TomTom's press announcement explains how full real-time traffic information will be available from the TomTom iPhone app (version 1.3), getting you around those nasty traffic jams rather than taking what is suggested as the fastest route.

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Mass Mobile Month iPhone app released


Mass Mobile Month is a month long celebration  of the innovations in the mobile industry in Massachusetts.  In honor of this festival, Swift Mobile has appropriately released an iPhone app called Mobile Month.  It is currently free on iTunes, and is perfect if you are attending the celebration. The Mass ...

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Microsoft releases Tag app for the Android


The smartphone war just got a little bit more interesting, as Microsoft just launched its first app for the Android OS of their nemesis Google, which makes the app release all the more puzzling. This new app release clouds the landscape of the conflict between Apple, Google, and Microsoft in regard to their respective smartphones. According to the Washington Post, the app Microsoft released on the Android is Tag, an app also released on the iPhone, Windows Mobile, J2ME, Blackberry and Symbian S60 platforms.

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TigerText for iPhone gets approval in App Store


While Apple has already laid the smack down on most iPhone apps that contain nudity or even the implication of nudity, such isn't really the case when it comes to adultery. Sort of. One of the newest apps to gain approval in the App Store is called TigerText and it seems to be targeted at cheating spouses. The TigerText iPhone app "allows users to set a time limit on how long a text that they send will hang around after it has been read." In this way, you can delete and hide those incriminating text messages for good.

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Speech-Based Text Messages with Dragon for iPhone

Yes, we all know that the Apple iPhone has a fantastic capacitive touchscreen display. The virtual keyboard takes a little getting used to, but once you do, it’s just as fast (if not faster) than its hardware-based equivalent. Even so, it can still be hard typing as fast as you ...

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BlackBerry Joins the Foursquare Madness with New App

People who think that Facebook and Twitter are creepy enough already might nto really approve of the near stalker-like possibilities of Foursquare. In effect, Foursquare is a location-based social network where users “check in” to locations, showing where they’ve been and where they are. The person who “checks in” at ...

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Use New Android App to View UStream Videos

The lines that used to separate what a smartphone could do from what a laptop could do are getting blurrier by the day and we’ve reached another major milestone. For all the Google Android users in the audience, you now have the opportunity to watch your favorite streaming videos from ...

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Great Nokia E71 Apps I Have (and Want to Try)

Gravity for Twitter, Skyfire Mobile Browser

I’ve been living with the Nokia E71 smartphone for a little more than two months and I’d say that I’m feeling pretty comfortable with the ins and outs of this particular handset. Shortly after I bought this S60 smartphone, Nokia launched its Ovi Store to compete against the iPhone’s App ...

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