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Using Google Maps with Siri, is it Possible?


When it comes to Siri, you get an excellent voice assistant. That said, it isn't perfect. One of its flaws could arguably be that it uses Apple Maps. What if you really want to use Google Maps instead? Don't worry, easy enough without a jailbreak.

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Comparing Google Maps on iOS vs. Apple Maps


Apple Maps on iOS6 has developed quite the reputation for being not so good. Now that Google Maps has finally returned to the iPhone and iPad, is it really that much better than the pre-installed Apple Maps?

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Apple Maps Could Be “Potentially Life Threatening”


People trying to get to Mildura, using Apple Maps, are instead ending up in Murray Sunset National Park and "there is no water supply within the Park and temperatures can reach as high as 46 degrees."

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Siri and Maps Expected in Mac OS X 10.9


While we're not yet sure which jungle cat they're going to choose next, we're hearing rumblings that Apple is planning to integrate both the Siri voice assistant and Apple Maps into the newest build of Mac OS X. This is based on early test builds of OS X 10.9, the retail version of which should be launching next year.

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Blurry pictures of Google Maps for iOS Alpha leaked?


Why did Apple jump ship to their own app platform? The biggest reason had to do with the fact that Google Maps for iOS was massively inferior to the Android version. Google didn't offer turn-by-turn directions or any of the features needed to really make it stand out. That being said, Apple's rush to get their own map program into the hands of iOS users hasn't exactly turned out great.

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Apple Plans on Using its Apple Store Employees to Improve Map Experience


While iOS 6 is really a pretty impressive update, there are two things that are holding it back and bringing lots of negative attention its way: its Wi-Fi connectivity problems and its less-than-stellar Maps. While they’ve yet to say what they are doing to fix the Wi-Fi problems, Apple is now speaking up about their plans for improving their map ...

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Want Google Maps Back for iOS 6? A solution may soon be at hand


Apple’s maps are awesome, so much better than Google Maps. No? Well at least they are pretty. Alright, harsh sarcasm aside- Apple’s maps leave a lot to be desired at the moment. Will they improve and become worthy of the Apple brand? I imagine so, it just takes some time. In the meantime, it’s not fair for those that want ...

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Does Nokia have the Best Maps Around? They Certainly Think So


Nokia is taking the time out of it's busy schedule to do a bit of gloating. With Apple experiencing some pretty serious mapping issues with iOS 6's new Apple map program, Nokia's blog posted some comments that were thinly veiled attacks on Apple, and to lesser extent, Google.

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New Apple Maps for iOS 6 vs. Google Maps Comparison


One of the many changes that you’ll find in iOS 6 is the departure away from Google Maps and toward Apple’s own Maps app based on OpenStreetMap data. So, which is better and how do they compare? The best way to determine that is to look at them side by side. You might already be familiar with the look and ...

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Apple Maps Has Its Own Turn-By-Turn Navigation Using SIRI For Narration


No longer content with letting Google control the mapping world with Google Maps, Apple announced it was diving in with its own solution. Taking a closer look at the new map system, Apple Maps has Apple doing all the cartography itself, has turn-by-turn navigation in iOS 6 with narration from SIRI and also has full integration with Yelp.

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Everything You Need to Know About Apple iOS 6


Apple's WWDC 2012 kicked off today with the keynote and one of the big announcements was the unveiling of "the world's most advanced mobile operating system." So, what's new with iOS 6?

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