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Apple iPad outperformed by Notion Ink Adam Tablet?


Are you ready? Just as the iPhone paved the way for so many other touchscreen smartphones, it seems that the floodgates are opening for all sorts of Apple iPad alternatives. One of the latest to enter the arena is the Adam Tablet from Notion Ink. On paper, this device sure sounds appealing, but how is it in the real world?

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Apple iPhone reads SD cards with ZoomIt accessory


When Steve Jobs took the stage and formally revealed the Apple iPad to the world, one of the first things that left people scratching their heads was the lack of an SD card slot. Then, he showed us that there was an accessory that addressed this need. As it turns out, you can have an SD card reader on the iPhone too.

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What’s the deal with Micro Sims in the Apple iPad?


Up until El Jobso made the mention, very few people even knew that such a technology was in development, let alone the precise details. While the iPad is certainly large enough to take on a standard SIM card like the iPhone or any number of other smartphones, Apple went with the micro SIM instead.

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MSI takes on Apple’s iPad with a $500 10″ Tegra-based tablet


Following up on yesterday's official unveiling of the Apple iPad tablet computer, it's not suprising to see the floodgates opening from its competitors. One of the first devices to join the iPad-occupied arena is a yet-unnamed MSI tablet PC.

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Official: Apple iPad is the new Apple tablet


It's official, the Apple iPad is out of the dark and now in our hearts? or not. Was it worth the wait? Basically a modified iPhone with a large display that you can watch Youtube, high-def movies and tv shows, with hybrid iTunes similar to the iPhones but not exactly.

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