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DDoS Attacks And Database Dumps Might Hit Chinese Government Tomorrow


DDoS attacks and database dumps might hit China.

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GoDaddy Under Attack, Millions of Sites Potentially Affected


Today could potentially be a frustrating day for many small business owners, web viewers and those who spend time on any site that is connected with GoDaddy. If you haven't heard the news yet, the domain registrar and Web hosting company is down.

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Anonymous Attacks DOJ, FBI And Others For Megaupload Shutdown


When the FBI and the DOJ seized Megaupload earlier, they certainly might have guessed that a retaliatory attack will arrive at any moment. But unfortunately they weren’t prepared for the strike that came later on from Anonymous which has now left quite a number of sites completely dead.

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Anonymous Denies Involvement in PSN Credit Card Theft


We learned yesterday about Sony accusing Anonymous of facilitating the hacking of Sony’s servers, resulting in the PSN nightmare that has been going on the last couple of weeks. Anonymous has just responded. Thankfully for Sony, Anonymous didn’t respond with another DDOS. Instead, they took the more civil route and issued a press release. In it, the group says that ...

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