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Froyo could be fussy on tablets, says Google


Google has recently commented on the use of Android 2.1, Froyo - on tablets - and well, their words are nowhere near surprising. As everyone joins the tablet race, a lot of corners tend to be cut in order to become “second, to first” in a market largely dominated by Apple. The iPad has the most sales to date, and there's still plenty of space for a successful second place.

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Paid Android Market opens to Canada

Google Android Market on a Motorola Devour Smartphone - Photo: Mobile Magazine

I don't see why this has taken so long, iPhone users have been able to purchase paid apps from the Apple App Store since it was first made available in Canada, so why would Android users have to wait this long? For whatever the reason, the powers that be have now lifted the restriction which once blocked the Android Market from the great white north. This could have something to do with regulatory restrictions, as the Nexus One phone just became available to Canadian's today. Or some marketing tactic by Google. Up until now, Google Android smartphones owners in Canada have only been able to download free applications from Android Market.

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