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OUYA Arrives to Retailers for $99


The day has finally arrived, the little Android console that could has finally made its retail debut. Yes, we're talking about the OUYA.

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Ouya Console Launch Slightly Delayed, Arriving June 25th


A little bad news for those interested in the Ouya. The console's retail launch has now been delayed to June 25th.

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Original Sonic the Hedgehog On Its Way to iOS and Android Later This Month


A port of the original Sonic the Hedgehog is on its way to iOS and Android later this month for $2.99, redesigned with optimization for mobile devices.

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Is the Ouya Worth Buying?


With other more powerful consoles out there, is the Ouya actually worth buying? That's a good question, and largely will depend on what you are looking for.

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Top Gear Stunt School Revolution for Android


Top Gear has become a popular series, so it makes sense that BBC are trying to push more out of the program by developing a mobile game for the plentiful Top Gear fans.

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Wikipad Returns From The Dead, Now in 7-inch Form


Remember the Wikipad? This 10-inch Android gaming pad with detachable controllers has largely disappeared off the radar-- until now.

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Temple Run 2 Manages 50 Million Downloads In Just Short of Two Weeks


We knew Temple Run was a popular series, but just how popular? It turns out that Temple Run 2 is the fastest growing mobile game ever released, managing 50 million downloads in just one day short of two weeks since its release. This surpasses the old record holder, Angry Birds Space. According to the co-founder of Imangi, Keith Sheperd, the ...

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Some Exciting Announcements Out of the OUYA Camp


Ouya is back in the news again. While most of you have probably heard of the Ouya before, for the few who haven't it is an Android based game console that managed to raise a staggering and record-holding $8.6 million via Kickstarter not too long ago.

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Ouya Developer Kits Ship Out December 28th


Remember the Ouya? It has been a little while since the last time we featured an article about the open-source Android console. The good news is that the little Android box is finally almost here, with developer kit versions of the Ouya shipping out on December 28th.

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Ouya Console Raises $1 Million Kickstarter Funding in 8 Hours


In fact, the Ouya video game system is now the fastest ever Kickstarter project to raise $1 million, achieving this feat in a mere 8 hours and 22 minutes. But the funding didin't stop there.

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Wikipad Is The World’s First Android ICS 3D Gaming Tablet


Despite the name, the WikiPad is not a highly-optimized Wikipedia tablet as the name may lead you to believe, it just has a strange name. Still, what is unique about the WikiPad is that it is the first Android 4.0 ICS tablet to feature glasses-free 3D touch and an interesting gaming dock attachment.

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Fructel Gametel Adds Real Gaming Controls To Android Phones


We've already seen a wide variety of iAccessories that address this need for real buttons, but now the Android crew can game the same with the Gametel Gaming Controller from Fructel.

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HTC EVO WiiMote Gaming Mod Is A WTF


We play a heck of a lot more games on our smartphones these days, but those touchscreen controls can leave something to be desired. We've seen all sorts of contraptions to overcome that less than ideal interface, but none are quite as awe-inspiring as the EVOtainiment System.

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