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Giant Texas Katydid Breathing, Grooming And Chirping (Video)


Take a close look at the Giant Texas Katydid.

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Check Out These Alien Surfaces Of Our Solar System


Alien surfaces of our Solar System.

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CIA Confirms Existence of Area 51, Documents Released to Public


We knew it was there. It had to be there. And now, the United States government is finally lifting the veil and officially telling us that Area 51 does indeed exist. Some CIA documents have now been officially released to the public and they fully acknowledge the existence of the site.

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300 Million Year Old Aluminum Gear Evidence of Ancient Alien Civilization?


The "leading experts" dated the metal object at about 300 million years old, based on the known age of the coal deposits from the region. Normally, this isn't such a big deal, but it very much looks like this aluminum artifact was not formed as the result of natural forces, but rather it was manufactured.

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Real Millennium Falcon Discovered in Baltic Sea?


Are we alone in the universe? Or have we been visited by extraterrestial tourists? We're getting more and more evidence of the latter and it seems the latest discovery almost has a Star Wars connection to it.

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