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Massive Coronal Mass Ejection and S3 Grade Proton Storm Hitting Earth Right Now


Doomsday predictions will have to wait for now. The world is not likely to end today but there might be some awesome light-shows in the sky from auroras in areas farther from the poles, especially in the north side of the globe.

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SafeCell app uses Bluetooth to make in-flight passenger communications cheap


Making a phone call on any international or domestic flight is going to cost you a pretty penny, some airlines in Europe, Asia and the Middle East offer GSM Picocell connections for in-flight calling, others like Lufthansa use a SkyPhone service. Regardless of how a the call is made it's going to cost you about $10 a minute.A company called ASiQ, based in Melbourne Australia has announced a new SafeCell App in conjunction with a Bluetooth access point for airlines to offer passengers affordable SMS, MMS, voice messaging and text email from their mobile phones.

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Free In-Flight Wi-Fi from Southwest and Alaska Airlines?

Short commuter flights aren’t so bad. You can pack an iPod or Nintendo DS and be satisfied for an hour or two. During longer flights, however, you may find yourself starved for an Internet connection. We’re starting to see more airlines offer in-flight Wi-Fi services, getting your smartphones and laptops connected to the world wide web, but these services usually ...

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