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Boeing’s Sonic Cruiser Is Back


Boeing came out with their Sonic Cruiser design almost a decade ago, but they killed it later on and shifted to the slower, but more fuel-efficient 787 Dreamliner. Now it appears like a team of Boeing engineers is still working on the Sonic Cruiser project.

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The future of air travel seating


Flying used to be a luxury. It used to be a privilege. Now, it's not all that different from hitching a ride on the Greyhound, aside from the TSA molestations. What, then, can airlines do to revolutionize our experience?

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Suburban Air Vehicles connect pocket airports in your backyard?


Flying is very useful for traveling over long distances, like across the country or the ocean, but getting to the airport can sometimes take just as long as the flight itself. A little competition being run by Comparative Aircraft Flight Efficiency (CAFE) seems to be rectifying that issue with what it calls pocket airports. These literally link neighborhoods in your own backyard.

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