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Apple Posts “Why you’ll Love iPad” Page

why you'll love ipad

Apple has now created a new iPad page highlighting the features of both the iPad and iPad mini on their website. The new page is much like the iPhone page they launched earlier this month and points out everything that is ‘great’ about the iOS tablets. Obviously it’s just Apple ...

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Sony Ericsson Adopts Dream-Inspired Slogan?


I’ve never heard about this tagline from Sony UK, but I guess that’s because it never really made its way over to North America. The “make. believe” slogan is apparently being expanded beyond just the Sony brand in the UK and into the realm of the Sony Ericsson mobile division. ...

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Bell Encourages One Night Stands with Internet Plan

When designing a marketing campaign for your company’s products or services, you want to speak to your audience and their specific needs and desires. Bell took that philosophy a little too literally, making an ad that really speaks to the carnal desires of college students. Bell is trying to say ...

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