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Paid Apps Account for 27% of Total Apps Downloaded in 2010


Whether you take a look at the iOS App Store, the Android App Market, or the BlackBerry App World, you'll find that quite a few of the most popular apps happen to be free. Even so, it looks like paid apps are on the rise and they account for more downloads than you might think.

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Global Mobile Transactions To Reach $1 Trillion by 2014


Yankee Group, a research firm from Boston, MA, has presented extensive research on the future of mobile usage and mobile transactions. Their research shows that at the conclusion of 2010, total value of global mobile transactions was at $162 billion, and they anticipate that it will be $984 billion by 2014.

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e-reader sales to reach $8.2 billion by 2014


As it stands, global e-book reader sales were recorded at about $1.9 billion last year with a total of just under 11 million units sold. According to Yankee Group, those numbers will increase to $8.2 billion and nearly 72 million units, respectively, by 2014. That's a lot of growth.

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Tablet market to explode to $46 Billion worldwide by 2014


Yankee Group has released the first-ever global tablet forecast, predicting last year's $16-billion tablet market will continue to outpace HDTVs, handheld game consoles and mp3 players in sales of over $46 billion by 2014.

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