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HTC Working on Its Own Smartphone OS For Release in China


HTC is reportedly working on a smartphone OS for the Chinese market. Read on to learn more!

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Ubuntu Edge Hits $3 Million In A Day (Video)


The good looking device that you see above is the Ubuntu Edge, a ‘super-phone’ powerful enough to give you a full Ubuntu desktop when connected to an external monitor. Now Canonical is looking for YOUR help to make this phone a reality.

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Intermatrix U7 Claims to be World’s First Ubuntu Tablet


The 7-inch Intermatrix U7 claims to be the first Ubuntu tablet and is powered by a 1.5GHz quad-core Cortex A9 processor with just 1GB of RAM.

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Tizen vs Firefox OS vs Ubuntu: Battle for Fourth Place


Ubuntu, Firefox OS and Tizen are all receiving quite a bit of attention, but how do they stand in terms of support and current tech demonstrations?

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Samsung Developer Handset Running Tizen 2.0 (Video)

tizen 2.0 hands on

Samsung has shown off a developer handset which runs the Tizen 2.0 OS at the Mobile World Congress, but can it stand out in the crowded mobile OS market?

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Ubuntu for Tablets Officially Unveiled


Today Canonical unveiled their Ubuntu for tablets interface, and it looks every bit as intriguing as what they are attempting to do with Ubuntu for Phones.

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Ubuntu for Tablets Coming Today


Recently Canonical unveiled its Ubuntu for smartphone plans, and now it looks like the company is preparing for a tablet version of Ubuntu as well.

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New Android App Brings Ubuntu Phone Dock to Your Device


Found yourself highly interested in the Ubuntu Phone OS demonstrated back at CES? Take the Ubuntu Phone dock for a spin with "Ubuntu Phone Experience" app.

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Ubuntu Phone to be Launched in October 2013


If you have ever heard of Linux, then you probably know of Ubuntu. Now Ubuntu is coming to your phone, with a retail target of Q4 of 2013.

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Canonical Asks Community to Create 12 Default Ubuntu Phone Apps


The whole thing with Linux and Ubuntu is that it's supposed to be free and it's supposed to be supported by the community. The same kind of approach is now being taken by Canonical in its creation of the Ubuntu Phone OS, as they are turning to the development community to create the 12 default apps for the upcoming smartphone platform.

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Ubuntu Phone OS Image for Galaxy Nexus Set to Arrive Late February


Last week we introduced to you the Ubuntu phone OS, and that has left us yearning for the ability to test drive it for ourselves.

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Canonical Unveils Ubuntu Phone OS, Plans to Show It Off At CES


Yesterday we reported that Canonical had a count-down to a new version/feature for Ubuntu. The banner hinted that the news had something to do with touch. Now we have official word, the news is that they will be showing off their Ubuntu phone OS at CES 2013.

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Canonical Begins Countdown to New Touch Features for Ubuntu


There tends to be varying opinions about what Canonical has done in the Linux world over the last few years. Some users love the easier to use and more “pretty” design of Unity, the UI behind the popular Ubuntu OS. Others hate what Ubuntu has become with a passion.

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Ubuntu running on Nexus 7, Canonical says it is the Perfect Reference Device


It seems that the Nexus 7 is now up and running with Ubuntu 13.04.

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Open-Source Goes Ultraportable With Dell Pre-Installed Ubuntu XPS 13 Offering


Dell is launching a version of XPS 13 that will ditch Windows entirely and have Ubuntu 12.04 “Precise Pangolin” pre-installed and ready to go.

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