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Samsung prints 19-inch AMOLED display with inkjet printer


Far be it for me to call myself an expert in the field of manufacturing, but you have to admit that Samsung is doing some rather interesting things these days. We've already seen the flexible AMOLED, but how about a display that comes off an inkjet printer? How about one that measures 19-inches?

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Samsung Nexus S smartphone enroute to Best Buy?


Last month, we caught word that Samsung could be the manufacturer behind the Google Nexus Two. Well, it turns out that could be only partly true. What we see here is supposedly the Google Nexus S. As per earlier rumors, the second Nexus phone does indeed look like it is based on the increasingly popular Samsung Galaxy S platform. This ...

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Samsung’s super thin 10.1″ LCD points towards a bigger Galaxy Tab


f you're digging the prospects of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, but would much prefer to have a bigger display, it seems the Korean giant has another trick up its sleeve. Samsung is willing to unveil its new 10.1-inch LCD panel that measures a mere 1.8mm in thickness.

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Windows Phone 7 arrives at Rogers with Samsung Focus


Over at Rogers Wireless, they've picked up the Canadian exclusive to the Samsung Focus, a Windows Phone 7 device that comes loaded with some very impressive hardware. Beyond the Windows Phone 7 Live Tiles and Hubs, you get a massive 4-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen. The incredible contrast of Super AMOLED very much lends itself to the UI on WP7.

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Samsung’s 4.5-inch flexible AMOLED ready for mass production


A number of gadgets, mostly those that are hailed as the technological miracles, do have a tendency of luring us in by popping up at trade shows. Disappointingly, very few of them do manage to make it to the stores shelves while we can still remember them.

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Samsung’s Continuum transfunctioner phone hits Verizon


Let's see here. Verizon already has a Galaxy S phone in the form of the Samsung Fascinate. It will soon also have the Galaxy Tab to cover the Sammy-flavored tablet market. So, they're done with that, right? Apparently not.

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Google Nexus Two based on Samsung Galaxy S platform?


The Google Nexus One, sourced from HTC, has proven to be one of the most popular Android phones on the market. It is the official developer's phone, after all. So, what can we expect from the hotly anticipated Google Nexus Two? For starters, the search engine giant is moving away from HTC.

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Sprint offers Samsung Galaxy Tab Nov 14 for $400


Sprint has come out clean with the release details on the Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet, they gave the official word that on November 14th you’ll be able to grab one for a much more affordable $399.

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Official: Every Samsung Galaxy S to get Froyo update November


The Samsung Galaxy S Captivate is only showing up at Rogers Canada now, but the platform is available on all four major carriers in the United States. But it needs some new firmware and it seems that update is finally coming down the chute. Want to get in on some Froyo action?

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Samsung Galaxy Tab is $600 this November 11 on Verizon Wireless


amsung and Verizon are opening the doors on Galaxy Tab sales beginning this November 11th. The price is a whopping $600, that’s it, no discounts, subsidy, or anything else. My guess is the first round are in limited quantities, so they won’t have a problem selling it to early adopters who have a deep inner desire for a less than optimized Android tablet.

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MeeGo chief heads to Palm to work on webOS


There's a lot of movement going on in the increasingly competitive smartphone market. Nokia may be losing market share, but MeeGo is supposed to revitalize that. Capitalizing on this rise, Palm has snatched the head MeeGo guy to work on webOS.

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Samsung Captivate shows up at Best Buy, no word from Rogers


We are getting close. I can feel it. I can taste it in the air. The Galaxy S platform from Samsung is finally going to be made available through Rogers Wireless. We think it should be some time this month and it seems that Best Buy Canada agrees.

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Five million Samsung Galaxy S smartphones sold worldwide


Many people have said that 2010 is the year of the Android and that is quickly coming to fruition, but Google isn't the only one benefitting from the platform's rise. It didn't take all that long, but Samsung has just surpassed the five million unit milestone for its Galaxy S family of smartphones.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab starting to sound expensive


We already know that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is going to end up with T-Mobile, but the pricing is still up in the air. However, the latest rumors are pointing toward a price that could put the Android tablet a little out of reach for the average consumer. We're now hearing that the sale price is just $399. That's with a rebate and a data contract. Ouch!

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Rumor: Samsung Galaxy Tab to launch November 14 for $400


Sources have revealed that the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Tab will be launching on Sprint November 14th for an outright price of $600, or contract price of $400.

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