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T-Mobile HTC HD2, Motorola Zeppelin and Nokia Nuron releases leaked


Plenty of release dates have been leaked on T-Mobile USA about new products that are set to be released over the next few months of 2010. The release that is expected on March 10th is the Motorola Cliq XT, which previous reports have referred to as the Zeppelin.

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Video: Nokia E71 smartphone running BlackBerry operating system


Do you like the functionality of a BlackBerry smartphone, but not a big fan of the hardware coming out of the RIM labs? In the past, you could have taken the route of BlackBerry Connect, but RIM seems like it's finally ready to release the BlackBerry Application Suite.

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Nokia guides users with free Ovi Maps navigation service


Nokia wishes to increase popularity of navigation and location-aware services on its mobile phones, the release of the Ovi Maps service is in direct response to Google Maps Navigation for their Android OS, which Google released in October of last year.

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Apple retaliates with trade complaint against Nokia


Apple Inc. filed a new patent-infringement complaint on January 15th against Nokia Oyj. The complaint was posted yesterday without any details on the website of the International Trade Commission.

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Nokia 2010 Symbian user interface concepts revealed, built on Qt


Nokia today let loose on their Symbian S^4 concept. More of a proposal and call for feedback allowing users and developers to have a chance to share their two cents worth.

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QWERTY and Touchscreens Coming to Nokia S40 Devices


Everyone seems to clamor over a new BlackBerry, Android phone, or perhaps an upcoming iPhone, but Nokia remains the largest cell phone maker in the world. They may not be particularly flashy about it, but they seem to get the job done. Moving forward, they want to offer a little more to the S40 market in the coming year. As ...

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Bell Gets Even More Exciting with Nokia N97 This Week

Bell Mobility has become quite the happening place for Canadians in recent months. It is there that you can get your hands on the Palm Pre, the BlackBerry Bold 9700, the Samsung Omnia II, and the Apple iPhone 3GS. Well, get ready to add another smartphone to the mix and this one is quite the doozy. The Nokia N97 isn’t ...

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Fido Launches Nokia 2720 Flip Phone for Free

Some people don’t need all the fancy bells and whistles of an Apple iPhone. They have no interest in the security of a BlackBerry or the open source nature of Android. They just want a simple phone that works. For those people, Fido just may have the ticket with the Nokia 2720. Perhaps the most appealing factor is its price. ...

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REVIEW – Gravity Twitter Client for Symbian S60 Smartphones

REVIEW - Gravity Twitter App for Symbian S60 Smartphones

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years, you’ve probably heard of the Twitter microblogging phenomenon. While you could just stick to desktop applications and maybe SMS functionality, you can get a lot more out of Twitter with the appropriate mobile app for your smartphone. There are all sorts of possibilities for the BlackBerry, Android, ...

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Rogers Starts Selling Nokia N86 8MP Camera Phone

If you were really antsy, then you may have already purchased the Nokia N86 from the Nokia USA flagship store earlier this year. For the people who were willing to wait, however, Rogers Wireless is now offering this 8-megapixel camera phone and you can have it for a fraction of the unlocked, unbranded price. As you may recall, Rogers announced ...

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Nokia E72 Smartphone Finally Hits USA Retail

First, it started with all sorts of rumors. Then, we learned that what we thought was the Nokia E72 was really the Nokia E63. After that, we caught a glimpse at the “real” Nokia E72. And then, it got delayed. It’s been quite the adventure, but the journey is finally reaching its destination. Want a Nokia E72 smartphone? Now you ...

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Nokia Charger Recall: How To Get Your Fix


Nokia has announced a recall on millions of faulty cellphone chargers that could possibly shock users. The recall is for Nokia-branded chargers manufactured by BYD Electronic Company of China. The plastic housing surrounding the chargers can separate, thus exposing the internals potentially creating a shock hazard.

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Fido Gets Ready for Nokia 2720 Fold

While big brother Rogers Wireless is gearing up with the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and other ultimate webphones, poor puppy Fido has been left fighting for table scraps. Since Fido is approaching budget-minded consumers, it’s not surprising that one of the newest phones to join the dog house is another budget-minded handset. It’s not available quite yet, but the Nokia 2720 ...

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Rogers Wireless Announces Camera-Happy Nokia N86

We got a good look at the Nokia N86 camera phone when we learned that the Nokia flagship stores would be selling it in the United States, but what about a carrier subsidy? Well, Canadians are getting treated to eight megapixels of greatness, thanks to Rogers Wireless. It’s not like this announcement came out of left field. Early last week, ...

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Nokia N-Gage to Kick the Bucket in September 2010


The Nokia N-Gage platform never got quite as popular as Nokia would have hoped, even though it sounded like a reasonable idea going in. People like to play games and people like to have cell phones, so why not combine the two to make a more unified experience? After much deliberation, Nokia has come to decision to put N-Gage out ...

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