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DARPA’s XS-1 Program Could Make Launching Satellites Much More Affordable


DARPA's XS-1 program aims to develop a reusable unmanned spacecraft which will allow satellites to be launched frequently at low costs.

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NASA Has a New Search and Rescue Robot Monkey


But what about our primate cousins? It looks like NASA isn't monkeying around, because they're developing an incredibly advanced robot primate that they call the RoboSimian.

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Future Smartphones Could Eventually Use Micro Vacuum Technology


Micro vacuum pumps developed as part of DARPA’s Chip-Scale Vacuum Micro Pumps (CSVMP) program could pave the way for faster processors in smartphones.

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Muscle-Controlled Prosthetic Limbs That Can Feel (Video)


Two programs in DARPA’s RE-NET program is currently dealing with improving the link between amputees and their prosthetics.

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iRobot Hand For The DARPA ARM Program (Video)


iRobot has developed a reliable and low-cost robot hand for DARPA’s Autonomous Robotic Manipulation (ARM) program.

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Obama to Announce 10-Year Human Brain Mapping Project


We're hearing that the announcement will come as early as next month and it is being proposed as a ten-year project to learn everything we possibly can about the human brain. The project will cost billions of dollars, to be sure, but it should yield some fascinating discoveries that can be applied to the understanding and treatment of conditions like Alzheimer's, autism and schizophrenia.

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Video: DARPA Upgrades “Big Dog” LS3 Four-Legged Robots


That's not the case with the LS3 "pack mule" bots being developed by DARPA, because they look more like giant mechanical bulls with four fully functional legs than anything else.

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Think You’re Camera has a Great Lens? DARPA Wants To Do Even Better, Aiming for 50 Gigapixels


While most of us are content with cameras capable of anywhere from 8-20MP lens or so, the military isn't. Scientists at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency are working on something much better and higher-powered than anything imaginable right now.

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Could DARPA Make the Real USS Enterprise a Reality?


Remember how he wanted to make a real life version of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek, drawing up all the necessary plans to do so? Thanks to some new DARPA funding, that dream could soon become a reality.

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DARPA’s Cheetah Robot Is Fast, But Dangerous And Creepy (Video)


If you thought that the Big Dog was terrifying in motion (it was!), take a look at this new product from DARPA. The DARPA Cheetah is absolutely creepy when it starts moving, but it’s now the fastest legged robot on the planet and chances are you won’t outrun it.

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DARPA To Scavenge Space For ‘Dead’ Satellite Parts


Since a lot of people worry about how much space junk is circling the Earth at any given time, some have found a way to at least make that junk useful.

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IBM computer chip mimics the human brain


IBM is working on a new class of computer chips that are designed to imitate the human brain's abilities for perception, action and cognition. The chips’ processing power is similar to that of Watson. IBM hopes to use these chips in “cognitive computers.” These computers would learn through experience instead of being programmed. Just like the human brain.

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Falcon HTV-2 hypersonic jet by DARPA gets lost in flight again


I've got some good news and some bad news for all the aeronautical fans in the audience. The good news is that DARPA successfully launched its Minotaur IV rocket earlier today with the Falcon HTV-2 hypersonic aircraft hitching along for the right. The bad news is that it got lost about nine minutes into flight.

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Nano Hummingbird UAVs To Fly The Skies


Mankind has managed to one-up nature once again with a 19g robot hummingbird capable of precision flight, hovering and espionage.

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DARPA and Boeing unveil DiscRoter copterjet concept


A team of researchers at Virginia Tech ESM kicked off the idea for the DiscRotor craft back in 2006, and now today, DARPA and Boeing give us a glimpse of what a future helicopter/airplane hybrid craft can look like.

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