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BMW hacked and remotely controlled by Nokia C7


Anyone who has ever played with a remote-control car has dreamed of this moment. Forget about those tiny 1/18 scale models. What if you could drive a real deal BMW down the road using nothing but your smartphone? That's the dream that has been realized by a couple of keeners.

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BMW brands their logo in your mind


Ask any advertiser what one of the most important things in reaching your audience is and the majority will not say budget, appeal, or quality, not even production value. At the end of the day the only thing that matters is if their target remembered and retained a memory of their brand and product, because that is what results in revenue.

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BMW paves way with Megacity EV made of CFRP

BMW's Megacity

BMW's Megacity Vehicle (MCV) announced this week claims to aim a radical shift in urban transportation. The MCV is based on a new vehicle architecture dubbed “LifeDrive”, this concept is part of BMW's small but evolving zero emissions motoring division. MCV is made up of two separate modules, the Drive module, which contains the drive system and battery, and the Life module, which is home to a lightweight passenger cell built from carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP).

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