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Five BMW M235i Coupe Does Sync Drifting In Cape Town (Video)


BMW M235i Coupe drifting in Cape Town.

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BMW Reveals Vision Gran Turismo For PS3 GT6 (Video)


BMW reveals Vision Gran Turismo virtual car for PS3's GT6 game.

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2014 BMW 2-Series Gets Power Upgrade From Hartge


2014 BMW 2-Series Coupe receives power upgrade from Hartge.

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BMW Reveals Goodies In The 30 Jahre M5, A 600 PS Power-Packed Anniversary Edition (Gallery)


Check out BMW’s 30th anniversary limited edition model of the M5, the “30 Jahre M5”.

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BMW i3 Plug-In Electric Concept Car


At the Los Angeles Auto Show this week, the BMW i3 concept coupe was revealed to the public. The plug-in electric car is compact, but it almost has the appearance of a shrunken down crossover.

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BMW i Pedelec Folding Pedal-Electric Bicycle Announced


Even though you may know BMW better for its cars, it has now unveiled a pedal-electric bicycle that it calls the i Pedelec.

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Self-Driving Cars Approved in Nevada


You have probably seen self-driving cars in sci-fi films, well, soon you are going to be able to own one, provided you are living in Nevada. The state has become the first in the US to approve the rules governing the operating of driverless cars on the state's roadways.

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DesignWorksUSA Partners with Thermaltake for Level 10 M Mouse


All of the computer geeks in the audience will likely be familiar with the Thermaltake Level 10 computer case. It's one honking behemoth and it paved the way for its GT and GTS variations. The same kind of design philosophy is being applied to peripherals as Thermaltake has once again buddied up with BMW Group subsidiary DesignWorksUSA for another creation.

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BMW i3 and i8 Concepts: Vehicles that will Rock Your World


The BMW Company has been selling thousands and thousands of cars ever since it was established. Known for its cutting-edge designs and features, BMW is one of the most preferred cars by people in any part of the planet. At present, two new concepts are being introduced by the automobile company—the BMW i3 and the BMW i8 concepts.

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BMW 3 Series made right before your eyes

Screen shot 2011-07-22 at 10.32.36 AM

This is a fascinating video following a BMW 3 series from the beginning through an assembly line. Starting as a couple of sheets of metal, ending with a fully operational BMW ripping down the interstate.

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BMW Develops Motorrad E-scooter Concept


One of the companies you're probably aware of that has been experimenting with different alternatives to fossil fuel powered vehicles is BMW. The latest in its lineup of alternative-powered vehicles is, believe or not, a scooter. They’re calling it the Motorrad E-scooter and it’s got an electric motor, whose batteries can be charged in about 3 hours.

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BMW Hopes to Prevent Collisions With Left Turn Assistant


Turning left at intersections is often dangerous due to crossing two lanes of opposing traffic, poor visibility and busy intersections. BMW hopes to lower the rate of collisions with their left turn assistant system. The system combines camera, laser and vehicle-to-vehicle communication technologies in an effort to make left turns safer.

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RWD BMW i3 City Car Proves Electrics Can Drift, Have Fun (Video)


Just because you want to get an electric car doesn't mean you have to leave "fun" behind. Check out this video of the upcoming BMW i3 in action. It's a fully electric city car that also happens to be rear-wheel-drive. You know what that means?

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Live Video: BMW i8 (Vision EfficientDynamics) Playing in the Snow


Instead of just a few spy photos, we've managed to find three spy videos. The BMW i8, which you may have previously known as Vision EfficientDynamics, appears to be a two-door super coupe that will likely compete against the likes of an Audi R8 and other similar vehicles.

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New BMW i-Series Focuses on Playing Nice with Mother Nature


Looks like the buzz word of the day is "green." Or maybe it's "eco-friendly." Whatever the case, it seems that every automaker wants to do something that can be perceived as environmentally friendly, and BMW is doing that by launching a new series of vehicles to be sold under the "i" sub-brand.

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