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As Asus and Acer Pull the Plug on Netbooks, An Era Ends


This probably doesn't come as a surprise to any, but netbooks are officially goners now. This has been a long-time coming. As ultrabooks and tablets have eaten into netbook marketshare, Asus and Acer remained the only two brands that were keeping the netbook market alive.

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Asus Nexus 7 Audio Dock, In Hands December 30th


The long awaited Asus built audio dock for the Google Nexus 7 is still being elusive.

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Nexus 7 Getting Cheaper Version that Uses GFF Touchscreen Technology (Rumor)


At the current pricing, the Nexus 7 represents an exceptional deal, but what if you could get Google's 7-inch tablet for even cheaper? According to industry suppliers reporting first to DigiTimes, you might soon be able to get a budget version of the Nexus 7 for as little as $99

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Times offering Google Nexus 7 at Subsidized Price with Subscription

Google Nexus 7

When it comes to subsidizing a mobile device, it usual means you agree to keep a contract with a carrier for designated period of time in order to get lower initial price for a phone or tablet. That said, it isn't just carriers who have tried subsidizing hardware this way.

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Nexus 7 Tablet Explodes, Melts, Looks Like Horse


Remember a few years ago when we had that whole fiasco about exploding batteries that caused laptops to catch on fire? It seems that we've got ourselves an exploding tablet now in the form of a strangely melted Google Nexus 7. It's turned into a horse.

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Asus PadFone 2 Photos Leaked Ahead of Tomorrow’s Launch Event


Even though the TransPhone is only showing up the party now, it is already trumped not only by the older PadFone but by the upcoming PadFone 2. Tomorrow Asus will officially announce the Padfone 2, but that isn't stopping the net from leaking official photos ahead of schedule.

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Hardware Review: Asus Google Nexus 7 Android Tablet


There are many notable choices out there such as the B&N Nook HD, Amazon's Kindle Fire HD and – of course – the Asus-built Google Nexus 7. While all three of these certainly have merit, today's review is going to focus on the Nexus tablet.

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Rumor Claims $99 Nexus 7 in Works, Asus Denies The Claim Entirely


Think that $199 for the Nexus 7 is a good deal? What if you could get a basic version of the Nexus 7 for as little as $99?

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Finalized Version of Windows 8 Shipped Off to Manufacturers


With the official launch of Windows 8 scheduled for October 26, Microsoft is giving its OEMs and manufacturers nearly three months to prepare its product releases in time.

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ASUS Padfone And Docking Station Unofficially Is Available In The US For $859.50


At the beginning of this year we posted about the ASUS Padfone and how it was essentially three devices in one, a smartphone, tablet and laptop. The bad news is that it has yet to make its way over the US, until now … sort of.

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Asus Taichi Laptop Has Dual Screens


Do you want more than a glowing piece of produce on the back of your laptop? Asus sure thinks so and it has just introduced the Asus Taichi to the world. It has a second display that covers the entire back cover.

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Asus Teases at Next-Gen Eee Pad Transformer Tablet (Video)


"Join us as we introduce the truly incredible next transformations." Given that the only context where Asus has use the "transform" moniker is with an Eee Pad, we're pretty confident this week's event has something to do with a new tablet.

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Google 7-Inch Tablet PC Appearing In June?


It seems that Google's 7-inch tablet PC is schedule for a full release in July, with an initial batch of 600,000 units shipping as early as June. According to the information cited, supposedly from sources within the supply chain, Asus is co-developing the device and the entry-level tablet will be around $200 or less.

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Rumored Google Nexus Tablet Could Be A Ten-Inch Device


Rumors about a so-called Nexus tablet from Google have been flying around for a while. What you see above comes to us from Pocketnow and the pictured device is purported to be the search giant’s upcoming tablet. Could it be the cheap stock Android Nexus tablet meant to compete against the new iPad?

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Benchmarked and Compared: NVIDIA Tegra 3 vs. Apple A5X


When the new iPad was revealed to the world, Apple told us that the new A5X chip spanked the Tegra 3 processor from NVIDIA. But those are just claims. How does the comparison stack up when you put them under real benchmarks and real world experiences?

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