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Video: Original Angry Birds Updated with Shock Wave Power for Bomb Bird


We've gone to Rio and we've gone to space. Now Rovio has updated the first Angry Birds game with a new set of #ShortFuse levels, plus an upgraded ability for the black bomb bird.

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Video: Angry Birds Go! Kart Racing Game Launches for Free on December 11


We were offered a teaser video some time back, but now Rovio has put forward an official trailer for its upcoming racing game. It's obvious enough that Angry Birds Go! borrows a lot of inspiration from Mario Kart...

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Rovio Goes Kart Racing with Angry Birds Go!


Sick of the same old sligshot flinging Angry Birds action? No worries, Rovio has something new up its sleeve - what appears to be some kind of kart racer!

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Rovio Account Lets You Save and Sync Your Game Progress Across Multiple Devices


Rovio is now launching an official “Rovio” account that syncs your save games over to the cloud. The feature currently supports "Angry Birds" and "Croods".

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Rovio Announces ‘Angry Birds Star Wars II’


You aren't sick of Angry Birds just yet are you? No, we didn't think so! Rovio has now announced Angry Birds Star Wars II.

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Twitter App For Google Glass


A Twitter app for Google Glass could be in the works, as indicated by a recently twitted image.

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Angry Birds Turn Three, Get Thirty New Levels in Celebration


You know the old saying, time flies when you are attacking structures built by pigs-- or something like that. Can you believe it has truly been three years already since Angry Birds first hit the scene? In that time we've seen quite a few special editions, including the recent Angry Birds Star Wars.

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65% Off Angry Birds in Space Board Game


It's based on the best-selling app, of course, but it has been licensed by Mattel to let you fling real (plastic) birds to destroy the structures erected by real (plastic) pigs. I'm not sure you can replicate the zero gravity environment of space, but you even get a space helmet in the package.

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Angry Birds Star Wars Planet Hoth Update Arrives

angry birds star wars

Looking to get the most out of your Angry Bird Star Wars experience? A new update has now gone live that includes 20 new levels set on planet Hoth.

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Angry Birds Star Wars Review

angry birds title

Angry Birds is no doubt the most popular game on smartphone markets today, and as the franchise has progressed, some games and remakes have made the series feel a little stale. However, Angry Birds Star Wars has produced a refreshing breath of air onto the Angry Birds line of games and playing it feels like playing Angry Birds for the first time all over again.

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Angry Birds Star Wars to Be Released November 8th


So it’s been about a month since Rovio gave us a hint about their new Angry Birds-Star Wars mashup, and today they have now announced a release date for the new sci-fi themed Angry Birds game.

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Star Wars and Angry Birds Joining Hands?


Apparently the Angry Birds are getting their force powers on. A new mash-up between Star Wars and Angry Birds is apparently in the works. An Angry Birds Tumblr page was the first hint of the unique combination of two very different worlds.

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Bad Piggies Arrives as a Spin-Off of the Angry Birds Series


Sick of all the attention those angry birdies get? What about the pigs, what's their story? In the newly released “Bad Piggies” we get a chance to catch up with the 'villians' of the series and play from their point of view for a change.

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Xiaomi Phone 2 Quad Core Jelly Bean Revealed for $310


High-end specs usually come at a high-end price, but it looks like you can circumvent that problem by going with a less recognized brand. Case in point is the newly announced Xiaomi Phone 2

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Rovio Flings Angry Birds Friends onto Facebook


As successful as Rovio has been with its Angry Birds franchise, it really hasn't done enough in the social sphere. That's changing with Angry Birds Friends, which is being flung over to Facebook.

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