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Android 4.4 KitKat Might Arrive In October


Nestle has revealed that October is the release date of Android KitKat. Excited yet?

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Nexus 7 4G LTE Available At Google Play Store


The 4G LTE edition of Google’s new Nexus 7 tablet is now available at the Google Play store.

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HTC One Android 4.3 Update Might Arrive Soon


According to a new rumor, HTC is planning to release an update which will bring Android 4.3 along with the latest Sense 5 UI to the One.

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Newkia Android Smartphone Might Arrive Within A Year


Singapore-based Newkia is planning to make the Android phones that Nokia wasn’t interested in making. The company expects to release an Android phone within a year.

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Moto X Available From US Cellular


The Moto X smartphone is now available for purchase at US Cellular’s website.

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Nymi Will Replace Your Passwords And Keys (Video)


The Nymi bracelet will allow you access to your smartphone or tablet or computer without typing in any password. In the future, the device could also allow you to use gestures to control smart appliances and other products.

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Pressy Adds a Convenient Multi-Function Button to Any Android Device


While most folks are looking for smartphone with less buttons on them, what if you want one more multi-function button on your device? That's where Pressy comes in.

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Hugo Barra Resigns From Google


Android’s Hugo Barra is resigning from Google to join Chinese phone maker Xiaomi.

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HTC Working on Its Own Smartphone OS For Release in China


HTC is reportedly working on a smartphone OS for the Chinese market. Read on to learn more!

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UK Prisoners Love Tiny Mobile Phones (Video)


UK might ban tiny China-made mobile phones as they are continually fighting to keep such devices out of their local prisons.

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Smartphone Processor Coated With Wax


In the future, smartphone processors might arrive coated with wax for enabling better heat absorption.

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Wacom Cintiq Companion Tablets Now Available For Pre-Order (Video)


Wacom’s new high-end Cintiq Companion and Cintiq Companion Hybrid tablets are now available for pre-order.

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Sigmo Language Translator (Video)


Sigmo is a small device which will connect to online language translating services via your smartphone.

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Smartphones Now More Popular Than Feature Phones


The latest data from Gartner suggests that the sales of smartphones have overtaken those of feature phones. Android is leading the smartphone race with Samsung as the biggest supporter for Google’s mobile OS.

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Hyetis Crossbow: A $1,200 Smartwatch With 41MP Camera


Say hello to the Hyetis Crossbow, an impressive Swiss-made smartwatch which features a 41-megapixel camera, a touchscreen, and more.

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