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3M Screen Protectors Fade Your Fingerprints Away


The "Natural View Fingerprint Fading" screen protectors don't look all that different from other screen protectors and they are applied the same way, but they use some sort of technology that makes your fingerprint smudges disappear.

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Bio Trust uses people’s faces as passwords


Remember all the spy movies where protagonists had to scan their retinas, or even their entire face to get into some secret base or vault? With 3M Cogent's new development, we can now bring that high security feeling into our living rooms

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3M’s MP180 sets a new standard for pico pocket projectors


Built for business professionals and "mobile road warriors," its SVGA resolution will make your presentations look better, even in brighter settings. And it won't die on the third slide of your powerpoint: It's good to go for two hours on battery.

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3M Shoot ‘N Share combines pico projector and 720p video camcorder


The pico projector concept has been hovering around for some time now, although a great idea, how practical its uses are remain to be seen. Despite this, 3M has announced the Shoot ’N Share, a 720p MP4 video camera that will project a paltry 640 x 480 picture on to a wall or screen.

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