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Reproducing Delicate Fossils with CT Scans and 3D Printers


Researchers from Charite Campus Mitte in Berlin have developed a technique where they can create incredibly accurate reproductions of delicate fossilized bones using a 3D printer.

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3D printing At Home Could Result In Health Problems


According to a new study, 3D printing could create health problems if done in areas without proper ventilation due to emissions.

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NASA Funding Effort to 3D Print Food


We've seen quite a few interesting uses for 3D printers, but the latest idea not only takes the cake -- but could end up printing it, too.

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First 3d Printed Record is an Awesome Idea, but it Sounds Awful


3D printing has really started to gain exposure over the past year or two, and prices for a 3D printer are slowly coming into reach of the everyday consumer.

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Portabee 3D Printer Now Selling for Only $480


3D Printing has arguably become the latest and greatest technology. The average person, however, can only sit back and read about these printers because of their high price tags. For example, the Replicator 2 was recently released at $2,000 which was considered reasonable.

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Nano Race Car Printed In 3D (Video)


3D printing is becoming more and more popular these days and the researchers at the Vienna University of Technology have come out with an interesting development. Their new high-precision 3D printer can create nanometer-sized objects and that too in record breaking speeds. As you can see above, they have 3D printed a nanoscale racing car perfectly.

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3D printing on titanium – exciting development or cash grab?


i.materialize claims to be the first company in the world to offer 3D printing on titanium. And why is that so special, you ask? Titanium has high heat resistance, high accuracy, strength and its the stuff Terminators are made of.

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