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Can 3D-Printed Urbee 2 Drive Across America on 10 Gallons of Gas?


For starters, the Urbee 2 is a car that was built using 3D printing, rather than more conventional manufacturing methods. They aim to drive the car clear across the United States on just ten gallons of fuel.

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Scientists Use 3D Printer to Manufacture Embryonic Stem Cells


Well, it seems that science could once again be coming to the rescue, because they may have figured out how to effectively "3D print" lab-made embryonic stem cells that can then be grown into just about anything the human body needs.

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First Lunar Base Could Be 3D Printed Tatooine-Like Domes


Newt Gingrich has been saying that America will have a moon base ready for human inhabitants as early as 2020. Many of us scoffed at this idea, saying it's unrealistic, but it could very much be real and we could be going about it in an entirely different way.

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