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Neo Geo X Gaming Console to Cost More Than an iPad and Android Tablet Combined


Retro games often lose their lustre, you go back 5 or 10 years later with a hope of reigniting that once lost flame, only to be left thinking, meh. It was better before. We are pretty sure that the arrival of the Neo Geo X -- which will be shipping with classic Neo Geo titles on board -- is going to give you a similar unsatisfied feeling.

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Acer HR274H 27″ Display Converts 2D Content To 3D


The Acer HR274H comes with new advances in 3D technology that allows it to convert most 2D content into 3D.

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Do you get 3D Headaches? De-3D Glasses are what you need


3D seems to be the latest selling "feature" for not only movies but also consumer electronics. Companies are quick to jump onto the 3D trend, but are consumers? The technology could end up having some limitations, like the Asus 7-inch 3D tablet that only allows you to view 3D in landscape mode.

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