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Motorola XPRT Smartphone is the Android Blackberry


Attempting to slide into the enterprise world with an alternative to the ridiculous market grasping RIM Blackberry, Motorola has made the XPRT and Titanium Android smartphones available from Sprint. Yes, Motorola is resorting back to its old four-letter, all-caps naming scheme like the classic RAZR. I doubt this will be the game changer the RAZR was

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Corsair Padlock 2 is rugged, offers on-board password protection and 256-bit AES encryption


The story of an MI6 operative losing his memory stick resulting in a multi-million-dollar undercover drug operation being compromised is frightening for the ops, but could have been avoided had the secret service agency been equiped with encrypted flash sticks. Nothing could be worse than putting your life, or those of your colleagues in danger, but for the rest of us, keeping our bank account passwords and personal documents safe and secure is our prime directive.

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