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Top 5 Headphones OF 2015

Buying a good pair of headphones can certainly mean a lot especially when you are doing a monotonous piece of work and are looking for some refreshment. However, headphone is something about which people generally don’t have much idea. So, following is a list of top 5 headphones of 2015 to help you buy the […]

Top 5 Mid-Segment Cars of 2015

We always fantasize of buying that supercar from that action movie. Those gorgeous looks and that speed, one could simply drool over them. However, in most cases these cars happen to be way out of our budget. They might be the best, but it’s the mid range segment that’s sold the most. So, we’ve compiled […]

All You Need to Know about Vodafone Tab Prime 6- Review and Analysis!

Nothing Glamorous, nothing phenomenal and nothing outstanding- Vodafone Tab Prime is all about a device that is ‘Budget’ sensitive! Though it doesn’t promises innovation or anything appealing, yet the most distinctive factor in Vodafone’s latest presentation is related to the affordable experience and reasonable ‘price’ factor of the device. Available on PAYG (Pay as you […]

E-zines: Your Favorite News & Magazines Delivered Straight to Your Pocket

  When eReaders were first released, all but the biggest bibliophiles were hesitant to shell out the cash for something they didn’t think would get much use. Now that smartphones and tablets are all but ubiquitous, however, digital media has never been more accessible. What once called for an entire separate device now fits neatly […]

Anker to offer Fresh Range of USB-C Cables and Accessories for MacBook!

Be on the territory of your competitor, provide affordable solutions to their users and stand tall with innovation range of products every time – this is the little story of Anker, a company that provides premium-quality backup batteries and accessories for the buyers of MacBook. Anker, the popular accessory maker, is back- and this time, […]

Vox Media acquires Revere Digital- The Parent Company for Re/Code!

Strengthening the length and breadth of its digital reach, Vox Media is up with yet another remarkable acquisition story. Adding successful digital news publication industry like Re/code in its list, Vox Media has acquired the parent company Revere Digital to prove its prominence and eminence in the tech market. As a successful digital media conglomerate, […]

Self Driving Automobiles Hitting the Roads Already in 2015

If there is one thing we’ve imagined future with, it most definitely had, flying cars or cars that drive themselves, in it. This was somehow a mutual vision of future we all had. Apparently, we still aren’t much over this Jetson–esque world of ours. Drones may or may not be partially contributing in making this […]

Apple Releases 15-Inch MacBook Pro 2015- Review, Release, and Features!

Weeks before the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple released the latest version of MacBook Pro that is powered with a 15-Inch screen and Retina Display. With super fast flash storage, durable battery backup, Force Touch Trackpad and power packed GPU, the new MacBook Pro is all that you need! The upgraded version of MacBook Pro […]

Facebook Shutdowns Acqui-hired Firm Branch Media

The session of long winded conversations, the feel of togetherness and the idea of making new friends will no longer remain the same! The unexpected news is here- Branch Media, the acqui-hired firm of Facebook, has finally decided to bring the site to the end. Well, they haven’t decided the fate of though it […]

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Morbi pulvinar eu metus quis vulputate. Suspendisse egestas at ex eu consequat. Praesent id ipsum in arcu rhoncus congue. Nullam vulputate lectus sed imperdiet porttitor. Aenean viverra, elit et tempor pellentesque, turpis ipsum blandit dolor, vel gravida lorem nunc quis velit. Sed purus eros, feugiat bibendum lorem at, tempor euismod eros. Cras aliquam vulputate sapien, […]

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Duis sed nisi lorem. Sed placerat tellus eu magna luctus tincidunt. Nam sit amet accumsan diam. Nullam condimentum massa eros, quis dignissim massa vehicula eget. Donec laoreet nisl a sollicitudin bibendum. Curabitur hendrerit pulvinar odio ac pharetra. Nunc faucibus eu quam at blandit. Duis quis vestibulum felis. Quisque risus nisi, efficitur quis dapibus vestibulum, interdum […]

CEO Tim Cook Talks about Apple’s Take on Privacy and Encryption!

The occasion was Electronic Privacy Information Center’s (EPIC) ‘Champions of Freedom Awards Dinner ceremony’, and the heartfelt speaker was Tim Cook, the insightful CEO for Apple.Inc! Addressing fellow listeners in an engaging manner, Tim Cook discussed the uneasy ambience for Privacy amidst the technologically influenced space! The ‘Champions of Freedom Awards Dinner Ceremony’ presented by […]

Windows 10 Release Date, Review and Features (Video)

Microsoft has finally announced the official arrival of Windows 10 and the day is July 29th, 2015! Right from the day of release, Windows 10 will be awarded as a ‘free upgrade’ option to the Windows 7 and 8.1 users – and as said, the free upgrade will be accessible for the duration of a […]

Facebook to Support GIF Animation in the News Feed!

Hold your breath, and keep calm- if you are a Facebook user or a GIFs lover, then there is quite a piece of news for you! Facebook has officially announced that its latest update will be supporting the GIF format in the news feed. While the functionality will take some time before final implementation, currently, […]

Google I/O 2015- Day 1 and Announcements!

The keynote day for Google I/O conference 2015 was geared with the excitement of much-awaited announcements- the world was waiting, and Google was ready to share the idea of innovation with everyone around. The entire day was absolutely dedicated to Google’s upcoming trends, projects, ideas and constructive strategies- you might have missed most of it […]

The Google Twitter Deal is Now Live. Tweets To Show Up in Search Results.

People follow what Google declares to be ‘TRENDING’! What if you find a tweet trending on Google’s fresh carousel format? What amount of traffic will Twitter earn from this latest development? Well, the news is good for Twitter (and for Google) as the later has finally implemented the deal signed with the micro blogging site- […]

Apple Has Dropped Its Plans for High Definition TV Sets

  Almost a year ago, we heard that Apple is planning to launch their in-house Television sets! Keeping aside all the rumors and self-proclaimed perceptions, a latest research presented by Wall Street Journal has nullified the news about Apple’s planning to build or sell TV sets. Brace yourself and get ready to accept the news- […]