Review of Ubuntu Phone – A Work Still Under Progress

The smartphone market has matured over the last few years by humungous amounts, thanks to the advancements in the two most popular operating systems – Android and iOS. In fact, latest figures show that in the first quarter of 2015, iOS and Android phones accounted for a whopping 97 percent of the global smartphone sales. […]

Scientists Develop a Transistor From a Single Molecule

The image that rests above isn’t what you get to see every other day. Right now, you are looking at what is not only of the smallest semiconductor parts that has ever been built but also possibly the only smallest semiconductor parts that can be built. A while back, a team of experienced researchers from […]

Pakistan to Shut BlackBerry Email Service Over Surveillance Issues

There was a time a few years earlier when the governments started threatening to cut-off BlackBerry’s secure email service because they were unable to spy on your messages. That time is back again and this time, they’ve dropped the bomb in Pakistan. Pakistan’s Telecommunication Authority has recently ordered its local carriers to simply shut-off BlackBerry’s […]

Spoiler Alert: Moto G 3rd Gen Leaked to the Core

We all know that Motorola’s Moto G has been a tremendous phone since its advent. It has catered to many customers and has been a sensational hit worldwide. However, another aspect of the Moto G is that it has always been the worst kept secret and that’s primarily because of the Moto G (3rd Gen) […]

Instagram is Trying a Faster and Customizable Android Photo Editor

There was a time when people had to use a photo editing app in order to clear those dark spots on their face and to give it a more DSLRish look before they could post it on Instagram. However, recently the popular photo sharing platform has been trying their exceptionally fast and sleek photo editor […]

FireChat Transforms into an Offline Private Messaging App

We all have heard about online messaging applications. They work just like Whatsapp and though none of them has been able to gain popularity like Whatsapp did, however, still they seem to crop up almost every other month. FireChat too is a messaging application, however, it’s based on a completely different setup. It is basically […]

Android security flaw puts your phone into a near-coma

Android currently has a lot of video-related security holes at the moment and a new flaw has been recently discovered in which a malformed Matroska (MKV) video in the apps or website section tends to crash the Android’s ‘mediaserver’ service pretty effectively leaving the device nothing more than a paperweight. It will not only make […]

Review of Recon Jet: Expensive Fitness Glasses That Could be Better

Long gone are those days when the term ‘advancement in technology’ was only meant for desktops and cellular devices. Today, that term covers a much broader category and fitness gears is one of them. Recently, various companies have shifted their focus towards the health conscious consumers of technological products so as to sell them fitness […]

YouTube Might Soon Release a New Mobile App for 3D VR Videos

During a speech at the recent 6th annual Vidcon eventt, YouTube’s CEO, Susan Wojcicki, made an announcement that they are in the midst of releasing a new version of their mobile app. The app will be available on Android, leading mobile web browsers and on iOS too. It will make it extremely easy for the […]

Review of ASUS Chromebook Flip – Small yet Solidly Built and Priced

Though the two popular OS, Mac and Windows, have been dominating from a long time. Even then, Google decided to take their chances and stepped in the OS realm with Chrome. As an operating system, Chrome is definitely a competitive one and that’s exactly why more and more laptop manufacturers are now unveiling their own […]

USA’s THORwin humanoid Robot Wins International Robotic Soccer Championship

THORwin, a humanoid machine, might not be able to shoot and bend it like Beckham but when it’s about robotic soccer players, it surely is the best. This US-made machine just bagged the top prize in China for adult-sized category RoboCup this year in an international yearly soccer championship that’s especially designed for robots. This […]

Technology Will Help to Immigrate into US Easily

A lot of people arrive in the US for work and study reasons from other nations and then eventually plan to settle-down, thanks to the wide number of job opportunities and great of quality of life that this nation is able to provide. However, the transition of an immigrant to that of a US citizen […]

First Look at the OnePlus 2 Comes From China

Until now, the company OnePlus did a fairly great job of keeping their upcoming smartphone under the hood ahead of its launch on 27th July. However, Chinese wireless regulator Tenaa leaked a clear shot of the OnePlus 2. It had become quite obvious from the beginning that the OnePlus 2 will have a supposedly fast […]

Microsoft Send Will Bring IM-style Messaging to Your Outlook Mails

In order to ease out the burden of emails, Google developed Inbox, and now it seems like Microsoft is heading towards the same way by creating something that can lend you a hand when you need it the most. With Microsoft Send, you can try to keep it brief when you are just in the […]

Google Clarifies on What They Intend to Do With Google+ Photos

Anil Sabharwal, head of Google Photos, made an announcement recently that Google+ Photos will now change to Google Photos. However, it looks like this hasn’t gone down well with some Google+ users as the company has since then received a humungous amount of backlash from their angry users. This led Anil Sabharwal to release yet […]

Initial Impressions of the UBIK UNO: An Affordable Flagship Phone

Every year scores of new phones are launched. While some turn out to be flagship phones of big manufacturers, others simply belong to the budget-conscious mid-segment phone market. However, in this ocean of cellular devices, some phones gain a lot of attention and popularity because they combine the features of both these segments – features […]

Initial Impressions of the UBIK UNO: An Affordable Flagship Phone

Every year scores of new phones are launched. While some turn out to be flagship phones of big manufacturers, others simply belong to the budget-conscious mid-segment phone market. However, in this ocean of cellular devices, some phones gain a lot of attention and popularity because they combine the features of both these segments – features […]

Toshiba President Hisao Tanaka (C) arrives for a press conference at the company's headquarters in Tokyo on July 21, 2015. Toshiba president Hisao Tanaka and his predecessor Norio Sasaki quit the company on July 21 as one of Japan's best-known firms was hammered by a 1.2 billion USD accounting scandal blamed on management's overzealous pursuit of profit.    AFP PHOTO / KAZUHIRO NOGIKAZUHIRO NOGI/AFP/Getty Images
Toshiba’s CEO, Hisao Tanaka, Quits After Company Lied About $1.2 Billion Profits

Once a dominant name in computer peripherals and services, Toshiba, has been seeing fallout since the company’s big executives were caught entangled in a fake profit scandal. Now the company has received another big blow. Toshiba’s CEO and President Hisao Tanaka has resigned from the company following the disclosure the company made about $1.2 billion […]

Microsoft Reports a Loss of $2.1 Billion in FY-2015 Q4

Microsoft has recently revealed their earnings of the fourth quarter and the picture isn’t that rosy for the tech giant. According to the company, they suffered an operating loss amounting to $2.1 billion, despite raking $22.2 billion in revenue as compared to the $23.3 billion of last year. A big reason for this loss can […]

Acoustic Sensors Could Now Stop Human Smuggling

Every year, hundreds of people are smuggled into a country by smugglers by hiding them inside train compartments, trucks and shipping containers. Detecting people behind metal isn’t easy especially if they tend to keep still. However, Franklin Felber of a scientific consulting company Starmark believes that he has found a plausible solution. Felber has created […]

Flickr Revives Pro Tier. Now Browse Ad-free Photos and View Better Stats

A couple of years ago  Flickr redesigned themselves completely during which the company also did away with its users Pro accounts. Since then, if you were a hardcore Flickr user, the only real paid options you had were to kill the ads or rev-up the storage. However, you will be pleased to know that Flickr […]

Space junk collision scare forced ISS crew to evacuate

The crew at International Space Station or ISS had a rough day yesterday when they experienced something similar to what was depicted in the movie Gravity. They learned that a piece of some old Russian satellite was coming at a blazingly fast speed towards them. The crew had so little time in hand that moving […]

SanDisk’s Wireless USB Flash Drive Can Bring More Storage For Your Phone

We’ve made a significant amount of progress in technology. Today, we have one of the fastest processors and the brightest of displays. However, something as basic as transferring files between your mobile and a desktop hasn’t seen much change and still revolves around medieval technology. By this time, we’ve tried all sorts of dongles, adapters […]

Google Announces Q2 Earnings. Profits Up, Thanks to Mobile and YouTube

Although Google has enjoyed consistent financial growth for a while now, but it too saw a downfall during the last two quarters as they didn’t live up to the expectations of the Wall Street. However, in the recent Q2’s earning announcement, Google reported that it has made a remarkable stride towards rectifying their reputation. In […]

Internet Investor Plans to Spend $100 Million For Searching Alien Life

Mankind’s hunt for extra-terrestrial life in the outer space has just received a solid support. Internet’s biggest investor Yuri Milner along with his Breakthrough Prize Foundation has collectively agreed to spend a whopping $100 million in the support of their project Breakthrough Listen, which will make use of radio telescopes, lasers as well as other […]

The FCC is on the Verge of Approving AT&T’s DirecTV Acquisition

Wall Street Journal has finally revealed that the FCC is all set to approve AT&T’s $49 billion acquisition of the satellite television company DirecTV. Commission Chairman Thomas Wheeler has just confirmed that he will call a vote regarding this matter with FCC’s other four commissioners. This proposal, according to Wheeler, will ‘directly benefit the customers’ […]

Microsoft’s Cortana App for Android Leaks a Little Early

Microsoft earlier announced to release a version of their popular digital assistant, Cortana, for Android and iOS later this month, however, it seems like a copy of the Cortana App for Android has already leaked on the internet. If you have familiarity with Windows Phones or the Windows 10 version of Cortana, you won’t find […]

Drones Hampered Firefighting Efforts in California

Friday’s wildfire in California that’s also being referred to ‘North Fire’ devoured around 350 acres of land, 5 houses and more than 70 abandoned vehicles. The respected authorities intercepted the situation at the earliest and swiftly ordered the aerial firefighting squads to take control of the situation, however, neither did they nor the people affected […]

Initial Impressions of the Z E1: World’s Smallest 4K UHD Camera

Every one of us has cherished that joy of clicking a picture and telling ourselves as what a brilliant shot that is. That’s why more and more people tend to switch to better cameras over a period of time. This is exactly why leading camera manufacturers are facing a stiff competition between themselves which ultimately […]

Now Stream Spotify Tunes for Your Morning Jog on Nike+ Running app

While Adidas has been offering tunes from Spotify for your morning jog for quite some time now, Nike plans to do exactly the same. The company has recently updated their Nike+ Running app so as to help you stream Spotify’s songs from within the app. In addition to that, the update will also be able […]

NASA file image shows Buzz Aldrin on the moon next to the Lunar Module Eagle...This NASA file image shows Apollo 11 U.S. astronaut Buzz Aldrin standing on the Moon, next to the Lunar Module "Eagle" (R), July 20, 1969. Apollo 11 was launched forty years ago today on July 16, 1969, and carried astronauts Neil Armstrong, who was the Mission Commander and the first man to step on the Moon, Aldrin, who was the Lunar Module Pilot, and Michael Collins, who was the Command Module pilot. Armstrong took this photograph.    REUTERS/Neil Armstrong-NASA/Handout    (UNITED STATES ANNIVERSARY SCI TECH IMAGES OF THE DAY) FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS
Smithsonian Seeks Crowdfunding to Preserve Neil Armstrong’s Spacesuit

If you have ever wondered as how you can contribute in preserving a relic of the US history, now is your chance. The Smithsonian recently launched a Kickstarter campaign so as to the gain support of the people for the restoration of Neil Armstrong’s Apollo 11 spacesuit so that it can be displayed at the National […]

LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 13:  Logos for the microblogging site Twitter, displayed on the internet on September 13, 2013 in London, England. Twitter has announced plans to float on the stockmarket. (Photo by Mary Turner/Getty Images)
Twitter Removes Background Wallpaper from the Homepages of its Users

While logging in your Twitter account today on the web, you are bound to notice something new. In case you had uploaded an image for your custom wallpaper or in case you had simply used one of the available designs of Twitter, you’ll notice that it is no longer present on the background of your […]

Ashley Madison Hacked, Personal Data of Millions of Users Lies in Dark

Ashley Madison, a popular dating website which focuses on the sole purpose of connecting people for who are looking for an affair has been hacked due to which the personal data of its 37 million users lies in darkness. According to reports, those behind this hack are using the name ‘Impact Team.’ While currently only […]

Virtual Images
Leaked Images Suggest Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Might be on Its Way

We were expecting Samsung to rely only on Galaxy Note 5 for pinning their hopes for this year’s summer phone supremacy; however, it looks like that’s not true. All About Samsung, a German website dedicated to the latest updates by Samsung revealed an image of a dummy unit of what appears to be the Galaxy […]

Review of Master & Dynamic’s MH40 Headphones: They Look as Good as They Sound

Manufacturers don’t really like to experiment much when it’s about the design of the headphones. Circular shape for ear-cups with leathery padding and a foldable frame have now become the prescribed formula for most headphone companies regardless of whether it is an on-ear or over-ear model. However, then there is Master & Dynamic. There are […]

web20-illustrated (1)
Evolving the Web Platform, for Real This Time

Many companies have been trying to evolve the web as a platform over the last 15 years. From Macromedia with Flash to Microsoft with Silverlight, these attempts have done their best to allow enhanced applications to be written for the web. Most developers I know say they’ve failed. Luckily there’s a new light at the […]

Initial Impressions of the Futuristic Looking Super-Secure Turing Phone

We all know that data around us is increasing every second. In fact, by the time you are done reading this sentence, data around you will get multiplied by a million times. That data also contains private data that is generally susceptible to threat and misuse. There is no such smartphone that promises a hundred […]

California Wants ‘Green’ Freight Vehicles That Can Help Them Cut on Pollution

Air pollution is a humungous problem in California, thanks to the numerous oil refineries, industrial facilities and the countless number of vehicles that are present in the state. Today, it is amongst the most populated areas on Earth; however, it looks like the situation won’t be the same forever. Californian governor Jerry Brown indicated that […]

Google Might Help You Find a Plumber or a Painter Soon

It looks like Google is all set to enter the growing home services realm since the search giant recently recruited around 20 employees of Homejoy, a start-up, which helped home owners and apartment-dwellers to find cleaners, plumbers and many more. Google confirmed this news just hours after officials of Homejoy announced that they were going […]

Ford’s New High-Tech Lighting System Will Help You Drive Safely at Night

Ford is currently on the verge of developing some of the most advanced front-lighting technologies for its vehicles so as to prevent collision and keep the drivers and others on the road safe at night. Amongst the many prototypes that they are testing currently, the first one is called ‘camera-based advanced front lighting system’ which […]

Top 5 Tablets Of 2015

When tablets first came in this market, economists had doubts on their popularity. Everyone suspected as why anyone would go for something that is similar to a phone with just a bigger screen. However, that doubt got washed-out long ago. Today, tablets are selling like hot cakes and if you are willing to get one […]

Top 5 Supercars of 2015

You can listen to them roar even when they are miles away. One simply cannot ignore that sound. Yes, I’m talking about supercars and 2015 has seen some of the meanest and costliest supercars of all times. Here is a list of top 5 supercars of 2015. Koenigsegg One:1 – The One:1 looks extremely different […]

Laptop Dell Inspiron 15

Dell is certainly not only the most popular brand for laptops worldwide but has also over the time become the default choice of millions of shoppers. While Dell’s premium laptops like the XPS are amazingly fast and solid performers, the Inspiron 15 7000, on the other hand, is designed for those budget-conscious buyers. Amongst all […]

Top 5 Best Laptops Of 2015

Whether it’s for professional use or for regular home use, a good laptop is definitely a must-have in today’s world. However, buying the right one can be a tough row to hoe sometimes. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here is a list of top 5 laptops of 2015 that you should consider buying. […]

Panasonic TH-L32A410D 81

The new Panasonic TH-L32A410D is all about experiencing high picture quality. Its sleek and slim design along with sturdy built quality itself defines the amount of effort Panasonic has put into it. Since, it’s a budget TV, therefore one cannot expect a whole lot of features from it. However, the Panasonic TH-L32A410D doesn’t disappoint as […]

Samsung 4K SUHD TV

Recently, Samsung has spent enormous amounts of money in order to promote their new ‘SUHD’ TVs different and better than their regular old UHD TVs’. One of its SUHD TV is the JS8500. This TV has better color accuracy and video processing than most other TVs’. Picture quality of this TV is excellent and so […]