Google’s Modular Ara Phone Delayed Until Next Year

Remember the time when you could assemble your PC on your own. Bundle a hard disk of your choice with a different RAM and tweak its processor and make it fit according to your needs. Well, something similar might just arrive for smartphones too. We all know Google shared its plans regarding their project called […]

Laptop Reviews
Review of Dell Inspiron 15 5000 – A Fairly Good Budget Laptop

There was a time when Dell was known for high-end desktops and laptops. Rarely did the company manufacture a device that enticed the ‘price conscious’ consumers. However, recently the price savvy consumers have multiplied significantly which has started off a unique heated race between top manufacturers to lure these customers. Dell, just like other companies, […]

Sony All Set to Release a Darth Vader Themed PS4

Disney recently made some pretty important announcements related to their Star Wars franchise but the one that’s most surprising has come from Sony. Sony is probably bringing out a PS4 console that’s themed on Darth Vader. Sony is planning to release this console in time with the game that’s hugely anticipated, Star Wars: Battlefront. This […]

Artistic Impressions of Huawei Nexus 2015 Leaked

It’s raining leaks from a couple of months. OnePlus, Motorola have all suffered this and now it seems like it’s time for the widely anticipated 2015 Nexus. A few weeks ago the world learnt that this year’s Nexus will be coming in two variations with one made by LG and other by Chinese manufacturer Huawei. […]

HTC Announces to Cut Jobs, Might Reduce its Workforce by 15%

HTC recently received quite a few setbacks. Earlier it was discovered that the fingerprint scanner of its flagship device stores the scanned fingerprints in a decrypted file that can be read by anyone and then it was noted that company’s earnings had slipped substantially. The company is again making headlines and it looks like HTC’s […]

FILE - In this Feb. 13, 2014 file photo, members of the Box Elder County Sheriff's Office fly their search and rescue drone during a demonstration, in Brigham City, Utah. Gov. Gary Hebert has approved the state's first drone restrictions, setting new limits on law enforcement's use of the technology. Herbert's office announced Wednesday that he signed the legislation, which supporters say is needed as drone technology advances and becomes more widespread. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, File)
Bird’s Eye View: All About Aerial Photography Technology

You don’t need to be a professional to take professional-quality photos. However, you will need some tech to make it happen. If you’ve ever been frustrated by the lackluster results you get from your current gear, here’s what you need to fix to make your shots magazine-quality. Set Your Sundial And Frame It Up Time […]

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Science Fiction Reality 2015 -
5 Science Fiction Concepts You Didn’t Know That Already Exist

Some people love sci-fi stories for their promised escape to far-flung times and places; others love the genre for its unique philosophical quandaries it presents. However, nearly everyone is drawn to science fiction because of the fascinating alien technology it contains. Unfortunately for science fiction writers, that tech is becoming harder and harder to imagine […]

How to Use Your Smartphone as a Mobile Hotspot

  Technology can do some pretty amazing things. Take cellphones, for example. We use them to check our email, communicate a message to our friends on Facebook, and record our workout sessions at the gym. But, did you know that you can use your smartphone as a wi-fi hotspot? Well, you can, and it might […]

Top 3 Mid-Range DSLRs of 2015

Cameras have transforming a hell lot in the past few years thanks to surprising threat that they face from our ever evolving smartphones. Although we are still miles away from such smartphones that can replace DSLRs, but for those who aren’t interested in hefty cameras, phones can be a great option. However for those who […]

Apple Makes it Easier for You to Run Windows 10 On Your Mac

If you ever wondered what it feels like to run Windows 10 on an Apple machine then it looks like God’s finally answered your prayer. Apple recently updated their Boot Camp which has made it possible for users to install Windows 10 on their Macs’. Apple has released a long list of ifs’ and buts’ […]

Private Browsing in Mozilla Becomes Even Better and Safer

We all have tried browsing privately for our ‘own’ set of reasons. It really helps you connect with the internet without actually letting anyone know that you were there. However, it looks like Mozilla is making private browsing better a little better for its privacy conscious users. We all know that history of your private […]

Music Video
Watchable – New YouTube Rival From Comcast

Comcast has been in news for a number of reasons lately. Earlier this month they announced to invest millions in Vox and Buzzfeed and now they’ve finally made it to the headlines again. However, this time the reason is quite a peculiar one. Comcast has announced its plans of launching a digital video platform that […]

Researchers Have Created a Worm Which Can Infect Macs Permanently

Macs have always been heralded as a lot more secure when it comes to the two main operating systems. However, researchers present at the firmware level think otherwise. A recent Black Hat presentation done by Xeno Kovah, Corey Kallenbeg and Trammell Hudson demonstrated that Macs also face the same vulnerabilities just like their Windows counterparts […]

NASA space telescope discovers Earth’s closest rocky neighbour

NASA’s researchers who are currently working on a Spitzer Space Telescope made a crucial announcement in which they revealed that they had found a close rocky exo-planet to Earth. It looks like a tiny burg which this team is calling HD 219134b and is just 21 light years away from Earth and lies in the Cassiopeia […]

Xiaomi Retakes Top Position in China’s Smartphone Market as Apple Slips

It seems like Apple’s timeshare of staying at the top of China’s smartphone market was short lived. Research done at Canalys says that the local brand Xiaomi has again become country’s smartphone market leader. Reports also suggest that Xiaomi snagged 15.9 percent of the total shipments during this year’s second quarter. The story doesn’t finish […]

Twitter Now Tries Out a Dedicated News Tab

If you’re right now noticing a new tab on the bottom of your very own Twitter app, then you’ll be happy to know that you’re not alone who is seeing this. The big social networking company is currently experimenting with ‘Featured News’ which surfaces trending news items on its mobile apps so as to keep […]

Apple Reportedly Wants to Turn Siri Into Your Receptionist

Apple is nowadays testing a service which will enable Siri to take your calls, even record them and even transcribe them to text. It is also said that the company is currently referring to it as iCloud Voicemail and it might even be a bit similar to the current visual voicemail service. However this time, […]

A New App, Drunk Mode, Can Help You Once You’ve Passed Out

We all have that friend who tends to be smiling a little more than everybody else when he/she has got booze in front of him/her. Also, it won’t be wrong to assume that these people often lose their consciousness and then end up doing mistakes which they later regret. So, if you are a responsible […]

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Top 10 iOS Games of 2015

Gaming on iOS devices have changed significantly over the years, thanks to the powerful performance that these phones are able to offer. However, an important role is also played by the developers of these games that are able to make use of these high configurations of iOS devices so as to create games that aren’t […]

LG’s Flagship Phones will Now be Able to Stream High Quality Audio

It looks like LG is all geared up to give its premium smartphone users a unique experience. We did hear some speculations earlier that LG might introduce some ‘speciality’ features just for its premium device holders and now it’s finally true. LG just launched their hi-fi music service through the company’s SmartWorld app for those […]

Aston Martin Might Build a New Factory in UK for their DBX Crossover

There are millions in this world that literally drool over Bond’s mean machine and while it might be out of reach for most of us; still there is no decline in its demand. That’s exactly what one can infer from the company’s recent move since. Aston Martin is aggressively expanding and company’s representatives recently held […]

Wildcard Launches a News App That’s Jus Perfect

We all are surrounded by bits and pieces of news which actually affect us in some way or the other. It helps us connect with the outside world and gather all that info that actually matters to us. There was a time when newspapers were the only source of news. Then came the television which […]

Uber’s Offices Raided by Hong Kong Police, 5 Drivers Arrested

Uber is gaining ground in Asia’s fastest growing economies like India and China. In fact, the company’s growth in India just surpassed that of US. However, it looks like Uber still doesn’t have much reason to rejoice as the company faced yet another bump since latest reports suggest that the company’s offices were raided by […]

Top 10 Android Games of 2015

Digital games have changed a lot since they were first introduced. Now, they can be easily downloaded on phones and can be played anywhere we want. They are undoubtedly great for killing boredom and free time. On Android, however, hundreds of new games are uploaded every week out of which most are nothing more than […]

Intel’s Professional Grade Xeon Processors to Arrive on Laptops

Intel has always believed in next-gen computing. That’s exactly the reason why they invest so much time in the research and development of their processing chips. Now it seems like Intel is all set to launch their Xeon processors for laptops. These professional-grade chips have generally only seen data centres or corporate workstations, but now […]

BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition is a Square Stainless Steel Phone

Blackberry recently debuted the square-screened Passport and now the company has an all new model to please its loyal customers. The company has finally revealed the much awaited Silver Edition of the phone which is a variant that tends to wield a much more ‘refined design’ which includes a stainless-steel frame along with a soft-touch […]

Review if Fujifilm X-T10 – A Scaled Down Version of the X-T1

Fujifilm last year introduced the X-T1 which was nothing less than a tremendous camera which was designed so as to appeal to the section of serious photographers all around the world. That one had a great image quality, was great in ergonomics and a world-class viewfinder. It easily became everyone’s favourite camera. However, it came […]

Japan Restarts Reactor No.1 at Sendai Nuclear Power Plant

The earthquake and the subsequent tsunami that rocked Japan four years ago was probably the worst in the history of Japan’s natural disasters. While the earthquake shook the very roots of Japan, the tsunami that followed it choked the entire cities of this far-east nation with rubble. This earthquake also caused a radioactive meltdown in […]

Rubicon Global Now Eyes Healthcare Industry’s Trash

We all produce trash in some way or the other. Businesses, on the other hand, tend to produce more because of the wide variety of materials that are consumed on a daily basis. Therefore, there has to be some efficient way which promises to take care of this trash without piling it up and when […]

Microsoft Just Released an Update for Windows 10

Microsoft just released an update to their latest OS, Windows 10. While some users have already got a taste of this update, others are still waiting for their share. While it’s still not clear as what this update is related to, however, Microsoft confirmed that it is not a security-related update. If, however, a guess […]

India’s Smartphone Market Recovers, Shipments Increase Significantly

India is amongst the fastest growing economies of the world. Its huge population is truly an ideal market for manufacturers from all around the world and that implies on smartphones as well. India is the biggest market for smartphones and this is exactly the reason why more and more smartphone companies are undertaking measures with […]

Bevel, a New Device in Town, Can Help Your Phone Become a 3D Scanner

We’ve seen 3D printing technology . People have printed almost everything in 3D, from cups and cars and we can certainly tell you that this technology is here to stay. However, like any other amateur technology, 3D capturing and printing devices that are available right now are either too expensive or a lot complicated when it’s […]

Now You Can Send Messages Directly to Businesses Through Ads on Facebook

Contact someone who is running a Facebook Page has now become extremely easy. Now you can simply head over to that person’s profile or you can even post comments. The social network giant recently added a feature which allows its users to send their messages directly to that business whenever you see an ad. Page […]

Carphone Warehouse Hacked, 2.4M Customers Affected

Recently, various hacking groups all around the world have become increasingly active. They are mainly targeting growing businesses where people have no other choice than store the private information of their credit/debit cards. UK-based company, Carphone Warehouse, is the one which has taken the blow this time. The firm recently shared with its customers that […]

Meet Alcoho-Lock. A Bike Lock Specially Designed for Tipsy Cyclists

We all know that one should never mix drinking and driving. Every year, hundreds of road accidents happen all around the globe because of some passed-out people who over calculate their motor skills and end up screwing with the lives of those on the road. Drunken cyclists, too, create a lot of havoc on the […]

Everything You Need to Know About the BIG Changes Happening in Google

The last few years have had a strong impact on the way we lead our lives today. Information from all around the world became easily accessible, smartphones became smarter with brand new user-intuitive features and data around us became a lot more organised. One company that played a big role in making all that happen […]

Apple Makes iPhone 6s Shell Sturdy and ‘Bend-Proof’

The iPhone 6 Plus took the world by a storm when it arrived last year. Not only it was the largest phone ever built by Apple, but it was also possibly the best iPhone ever built. However, the unexpected happened a few weeks later after its launch when the 6 Plus simply bent inside a […]

Adobe Increases Paid Parental Leaves for its Employees

Companies these days take extra measures to make sure that their employees experience job satisfaction. While some companies try to give a comfy working environment, other simply work out policies that can benefit their working force when they need it the most. Adobe  is one such company which is known for maintaining a healthy relationship […]

Amazon Drafts Crucial Guidelines for it Drone Delivery System

Now that Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has relaxed the regulations for commercial drone flights, Amazon is now finally forging ahead with its plans to employ these machines for delivering the orders that they get. However, the company did propose some ground rules so as to keep its UAVs’ safe and out of the path of […]

Review of ZTE Axon – A Power-Packed Budget Phone

Recently, a new company called ‘Axon’ about which no one had heard before promised to launch a shiny and impressive $450 smartphone. The company finally did manage to do that. As was earlier being speculated, Axon isn’t a startup smartphone maker that plans to take on the big players in the game. In fact, it […]

Firefox Needs Your Feedback Regarding its Upcoming Features

Those who wish to shape-up browser features typically need to jump in the game with everything they’ve got. You need to use early releases and you are also expected to leap in the developer community. That’s because making changes in something as complex as a browser is serious, especially when it’s Firefox – that’s being […]

Google Reportedly Tried to Buy Impossible Foods

We all know that Google buys a lot of start-ups and companies, especially those that feature the society and people related services. Lately they’ve even explored those grounds that have almost nothing to do with internet searches, however sources claim that this time the company went in a completely different direction which was – the […]

OnePlus Keen to Explore Markets Other Than China

OnePlus, a company that currently employees 900 people and has sold around 1.5 million smartphones after their debut 15 months ago is said to be doing surprisingly well especially outside its home nation, China. OnePlus’ CEO Pete Lau also revealed that 60 to 70 percent of these sales came from overseas which was a significant […]