Leaks Suggest Microsoft Might be Testing its Edge browser for Android

Microsoft’s all new browser Edge is getting pretty good reviews from people who have got on-board of Windows 10 and who have had a taste of the browser. According to some users, it’s completely different from what Internet Explorer used to be and that definitely makes a lot of sense. Apart from being amazingly fast […]

Soundcloud at Sonar09!
PRS all set to Sue SoundCloud for Unpaid Royalties

If you have a thing for streaming music online then probably you might have heard about SoundCloud too. It is a site (and an app) where one can simply listen to free or paid music online or even search for music simply by feeding the unknown song in the app. SoundCloud has been extremely popular […]

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All That You Need to Know About Apple’s Upcoming Event

It’s that time of year when we come across a new rumour regarding Apple’s upcoming event almost every day. While some might turn out to be true, others just end up being crap. Over the years the content of these rumours have changed drastically and so has their chances of being true. We’ve been hearing […]

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Microsoft Releases Beta Version of Cortana for Android

When Microsoft earlier announced that they would launch Cortana, their extremely capable personal assistant, for iOS and Android devices, many people wondered the reason behind this move since both operating systems have equally good personal assistants. However, irrespective of that Microsoft released Cortana for iPhone and Apple fanboys finally got a taste of something different […]

Windows 10 Is Running Solid On 75 Million Devices

It’s just a month old since it was released and Windows 10 has already arrived on 75 million devices. This figure thus reflects the total number of worldwide downloads of the OS which is free for upgrade for the time being. This also reflects that Windows 10 is the most substantial update from Microsoft for […]

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Apple Surprises All by Forming the ‘Death Cross’ Pattern

Apple is clearly the biggest company in terms of market capitalization amongst the S&P 500. The company recently surprised the Wall Street by forming a popular ‘death cross’ which is basically an indicator that’s often used by tech analysts as a signal for selling. Recent sell-off in the market during the past week worsened the […]

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Lenovo Mobile All Set to Merge into Motorola

Lenovo has been struggling to keep up with the industry from quite some time. A leading manufacturer of electronic devices once, Lenovo thought of venturing into smartphones too, however, they started a bit late. At that time, companies like Samsung and Apple had already taken over the market. As a result, Lenovo’s mindshare of the […]

Amazon Launches Their ‘Underground’ App Store

Google gave a big blow to last year in December when they banned Amazon’s Android app because the app had its own separate app store inside it which is obviously a big no from Google. Now, eight months later, Amazon is back with a bang with a similar app and this time they don’t even […]

Robotic Prosthetic Hand Made by Open Bionics wins James Dyson Award

Open Bionics started out in 2013 from a bedroom as a crowd-funding project and was later supported by Bristol Robotics Laboratory. The creator of Open Bionics, Joel Gibbard, plans to help hand amputees by providing them lightweight robotic hands. The design of these robotic hands has been iterated 10 times till now since they were […]

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Leaked Images of HTC’s iPhone Looking Smartphone Go Viral

You may have come across duplicate phones that resemble closely to original phones, but what HTC has just done is something of a whole new level. Latest leaked images suggest that the company has created a smartphone that bears a striking resemblance to iPhone 6. In fact so the phones look so close to each […]

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Galaxy Note 5 Probably Suffers From a Design Flaw that Can Break the S Pen

It is not every day that a huge design flaw of a high-end smartphone from a world-class manufacturer comes out in public, especially if the device is just a few days old. However, that’s exactly what happened with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5. This expensive phablet reportedly comes with a relatively easy to encounter flaw in […]

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BMW’s 2016 X1 Crossover Could be a Little Expensive

BMW earlier announced that their upcoming X1 crossover wouldn’t be as expensive as that of its competitors, however, now it looks like that won’t be true. The new 2016 front-drive BMW X1, in fact, will be more expensive than the rear-drive X1 that it will replace. Although that will increase competition since Mercedes and Audi […]

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French Smartphone Maker Archos Discloses Three New Smartphones

Archos, French smartphone maker, , don’t really hold a promising spot in the list of world’s leading smartphone manufacturers but they surely are big in their homeground. Archos has always got a unique excitement in releasing multiple devices at the same time and now it looks like they’ve done it yet again. The company has […]

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10 ‘Must Have’ Windows 10 Apps

It’s been some while since Microsoft launched their latest iteration to their PC operating system, Windows 10 (and updated it too) . It is being widely downloaded and people have given really amazing feedback about it. However, the main functionality of this operating system comes out with the apps that are in it. Without them, […]

Multiple Explosions and Fire Damage US Army Depot in Japan

While at the beginning Monday appeared to be peaceful in Japan’s capital Tokyo, but at the end it turned out to be a damaging one. The U.S. Army depot in Tokyo’s suburb was rocked by multiple explosions and a fire that caused a lot of damage. Luckily, no injuries were reported. The blast took place […]

Windows 95
Microsoft’s Legendary OS Windows 95 Turned 20

Microsoft recently released their latest computer operating system Windows 10 which can be regarded as one of the best OS built by the company. However, today we won’t be talking about Windows 10 and its features. Today, in fact, we will remember another version of Windows that completely redefined the way people used to look […]

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Boeing Could Lay-Off Hundreds from their Satellite Division

Lot of big companies have recently laid off their employees because they simply couldn’t afford to keep up with the cost of retaining them. This season started with Microsoft announcing that they’ll fire nearly 7,500 Nokia employees. Even HTC is facing hard times which compelled the Chinese smartphone manufacturer to shelve some of its workforce. […]

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16 year-old Designs a Search Engine that’s 47% More Accurate than Google

When Google started as a search engine company, there wasn’t much competition around them except Yahoo and Microsoft’s MSN. However, Google emerged to be the best amongst all because of their accurate algorithms. Today, Google isn’t just a search engine. It impacts our lives directly or indirectly and is present everywhere around us. However, 16 […]

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NASA Confirms that No Asteroid is Going to Hit Earth in September

A few days ago, blogs and some off-beat news sites started claiming that an asteroid is heading towards the Earth which is bound to strike at Puerto Rico around mid-September and that it will cause heavy destruction for the entire world. With the spread of this news, the world started their own war of words […]

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Top 6 Features to Expect from Android 6.0 Marshmallow

We are again standing at that time of year where the world eagerly awaits for Google’s new Android OS. The company recently revealed that it will be called Marshmallow and what all features can one expect from it. Although the market is plummeting and like all big companies, Google too, is bleeding in stocks from […]

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How Facebook Prepares Your News Feed

Facebook shows you a lot of stuff on your news feed. Have you ever wondered how Facebook decides what you might be interested to see on your news feed? If yes, then we just have the right answer for you. Although it’s obvious that all of this works according to certain pre-developed algorithms, but a […]

How This Guys Makes $1,000 A Minute Online Using This System

Hey Guys, Our good friend Joel Peterson, one of the most respected online teachers, made $400K in just 3 months with a system he created and now he is practically giving away his entire webinar software for almost free today at 97% off. This is the system his students have used to create 5, 6 and […]

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Meep – An App that Will read out News to You

Recently we told you about Microsoft’s plan of creating a news app that can read out news to you and make you acquainted with everything that’s happening around the while you are on the go. While Microsoft’s this app, called NewsCast, is still in its testing phase, a startup called Meep has already launched something […]

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Review of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – The Best Galaxy Note Till Date

For many years Samsung has been a dominant player in the smartphone market. Even though the Korean electronics conglomerate manufactured phones out of plastic which felt cheap to use, even then Samsung’s smartphone sales sky-rocketed making it the most profitable phone manufacturer. However, that dominant era was short-lived when new players emerged in the market. […]

More Trouble for Flash as Amazon Stops Accepting Flash Ads

Adobe’s Flash plugin is one of those few things which have been with humans since the very beginning of internet. It has played a huge role in the way web has transformed over the years, however, in the last few years, Flash started to lose its charm when companies decided to move to more efficient […]

Xiaomi Launches MIUI 7 along with a ‘Special Edition’ Mi4i

Xiaomi has totally stepped in to the battle to grab the mind share of the smartphone market. The company, though relatively new, is now maturing with each passing year and that’s exactly the reason behind their success. Xiaomi has just launched their latest user interface, the MIUI 7. Apart from that, the company even announced […]

Everything You Need to Know About Samsung Pay

The way we humans have been paying each other for goods and services has changed tremendously over the past few years. In fact, the way we have done transactions has had a deep impact on our lives. In the pre-historic or medieval period, we used to make use of barter system where we exchanged goods […]

Meet Salaam Swipe. A Tinder-styled app for Muslims

Tinder has proved to be revolutionary app. Not only has it helped people to find an ideal match for themselves, but it has also inspired many similar apps as well. However, people of a particular ethnic or religious group often find it difficult to meet someone new on this app, especially if they aren’t living […]

Sony Wants Your Help in Testing its New Software Update for PS4

It looks like Sony is calling all of its PlayStation 4 fans and is planning to assign them a responsible task. We all know that Sony is all set to bring a major software update for its popular gaming console PS4. However, the company wants to make sure that the software update they provide is […]

Google Announces Q2 Earnings. Profits Up, Thanks to Mobile and YouTube

Although Google has enjoyed consistent financial growth for a while now, but it too saw a downfall during the last two quarters as they didn’t live up to the expectations of the Wall Street. . However, in the recent Q2’s earning announcement, Google reported that it has made a remarkable stride towards rectifying their reputation. […]

IBM Scientists Create a Brain Inspired Computer Chip

Every other day we come across discoveries where scientists claim to realise important facts using research on animal and humans. In this another extraordinary feat, IBM scientists claim to have developed a specialised brain inspired computing chip which tends to mimic the neurons that are present inside the brain. What’s more exciting is that this […]

Ashley Madison’s Leaked Data can now be Searched

Remember when we told you that the popular adult dating website Ashley Madison got hacked. Well, the whole incident seems to have taken an ugly turn. Those behind the hack have now put the leaked data on the internet making it accessible for everybody. The hackers that call themselves as ‘The Impact Team’ threatened earlier […]

What All to Expect From the New Apple TV

Apple’s traditional September media events have always seen the new launch of upcoming iPhones, Macs or latest versions of iOS. While this year too, the company will possibly do the same as the whole world eagerly waits for the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, however, apart from that the much awaited next-gen Apple TV […]

Uber Successfully Lands Strategic Investment From Tata Capital in India

Uber might have faced quite a few setbacks but it surely isn’t stopping the company from progressing and reaching new heights. The company earlier discussed about their growth in emerging Asian economies like India and China. Now they have a new feather in their hat. The company recently made and announcement that it has finally […]

Google Now Makes a Smart Wi-Fi Router Named OnHub

Google has tried its hands in making various household products in the past years. While some turned out to be super successful, others just ended up being in the trash. Amongst those items were thermostats, speakers, smoke detectors and even TVs and now the tech giant seems fully determined in making yet another product – […]

Alcatel-Lucent All Set to Transform Telefonica’s IP Network

We earlier heard about Alcatel-Lucent’s majestic plans of bringing a good amount of change in data services for their customers and it looks like the telecommunication company is finally on the move. Latest reports suggest that the company might be heading towards transforming the Telefonica’s mobile and fixed networks so as to cater to the […]

Facebook, Not Google, is the Best Traffic Source for News

Those who are associated with news related websites or publishers will definitely acknowledge the importance of social referrals, the links that people share on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Undoubtedly, they have become extremely important when it’s about reliable sources for incoming traffic and this can now be proved from the fact that […]

Microsoft Testing NewsCast App That Reads News Out to Users

There have been many instances when people have wondered about a technology where one can actually hear the news from mobile devices without actually reading them. Well, it looks like something of that sort is about to arrive by none other than Microsoft. Latest reports suggest that Microsoft is currently testing an application which will […]