Facebook Shutdowns Acqui-hired Firm Branch Media

branch and pot luck

The session of long winded conversations, the feel of togetherness and the idea of making new friends will no longer remain the same! The unexpected news is here- Branch Media, the acqui-hired firm of Facebook, has finally decided to bring the site to the end. Well, they haven’t decided the ...

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CEO Tim Cook Talks about Apple’s Take on Privacy and Encryption!

open security lock on a computer circuit board surrounded by keys - random password hacking attemp concept

The occasion was Electronic Privacy Information Center’s (EPIC) ‘Champions of Freedom Awards Dinner ceremony’, and the heartfelt speaker was Tim Cook, the insightful CEO for Apple.Inc! Addressing fellow listeners in an engaging manner, Tim Cook discussed the uneasy ambience for Privacy amidst the technologically influenced space! The ‘Champions of Freedom ...

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