PixAround.com Brings 3D to the Palm OS


PixAround.com Pte Ltd. announces the commercial launch of the PixScreen(TM) Palm 1.0, the world’s first interactive 3D, 360 degree digital image viewing software for Palm OS® handhelds. PixScreen Palm 1.0 makes sharing of 3D, 360 degree digital images between friends and business partners easier, more portable and more interactive at ...

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TWMIII Wireless Data Communicator


CNI’s TWMIII is an innovative wireless data communication device for Mobitex network. CNI is developing dedicated wireless solutions for Mobitex 900MHz and 400MHz network. CNI’s new generation Two Way Messenger, TWMIII, offers many major advantages such as true wearable size, light weight, high network connectivity, powerful functionality, ease of use, ...

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LightSurf Demonstrates First Instant Wireless Photography Solution For GPRS Devices


LightSurf Technologies, Inc., the visual communications company founded by Philippe Kahn, today announced availability of its MMS-enabled wireless visual communications solution for emerging GPRS networks worldwide. LightSurf’s solution allows GPRS handsets to capture and display high-quality digital photos and transmit them to other devices and platforms in a matter of ...

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helloNetwork Unveils First-Ever Java-Based Multimedia Platform for Mobile Video Delivery


helloNetwork, a developer and supplier of interactive, live, and recorded streaming media software and solutions for internal and external corporate communications, has unveiled the first mobile delivery platform aimed at today’s wireless networks. helloMobile Media is a lightweight, software-based application suite for content creation, distribution, and playback that runs on ...

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Wireless Multimedia Messaging Tomorrow’s Killer Application


Hantro Products Ltd, a leading developer of two-way video technology for wireless communications, introduces a state-of-the-art wireless multimedia messaging prototype with real-time video stream encoding and decoding. The prototype, which will be first introduced at Mobile Video Forum in Madrid, April 9, 2001, uses Hantro’s hardware-based MPEG-4 technology. Hantro’s multimedia ...

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Pocket PC adopts 450MHz Pentium II processor


Haier Group has unveiled the Pocket Dragon, a pocket PC that adopts a 450MHz Pentium II processor with 64M of ROM. It is geared toward business users with functions such as daily schedule management. The model features a built-in modem that supports the V.90 standard. It supports handwriting input and ...

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Metricom, Ricoh Develop Wireless Camera


Metricom and Ricoh will announce a new camera designed for high-speed wireless connectivity. Ricoh’s RDC-i700 can be purchased with the Ricochet modem, allowing it to transmit images at speeds of 128 Kbps. Unlike other cameras, the RDC-i700 will also be able to send and receive e-mail and surf the Web. ...

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The Convergence of Phone and PDA Arrives


There are a few of us who need both a mobile phone and a PDA in order to stay on top of complex schedules and multiple tasks. And we have to juggle both devices at once. We clip them to belts, toss them into computer bags, cram them into overstuffed ...

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IBM, Carrier Set Web-Enabled Air Conditioner Deal


Carrier has announced the industry’s first generation of web-connected air conditioners. This will enable it to continue to fulfil its customers’ service expectations, for state of the art response from Carrier equipment, and increasingly reliable and efficient systems, far into the future. The ‘smart air conditioner’ is the latest Carrier ...

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GoVoiceGo Hands-Free Communicator


GoVoiceGo Communicator is a UNIVERSAL digital portable communicator that simply plugs into the headset socket or headset adapter of your Mobile Phone (and your Cordless Phone). It runs on rechargeable batterries to give you better than 8 hours of continuous talk time. It simply goes where your phone goes, from ...

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Pointsec Mobile Technologies secures Palm OS devices


Pointsec Mobile Technologies, Inc., a leading developer of security control software for mobile computers and PCs, announced today the release of Pointsec™ for Palm OS®, the company´s initial PDA security product. For enterprises requiring mandatory acces control, Pointsec for Palm OS brings workstation-level security to PDAs and smartphones operating on ...

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BT signs deal for Blackberry


British Telecom has signed a deal to begin selling a Canadian handheld computer, called Blackberry, in the UK from July, newspapers reported on Friday. The Blackberry allows users to send and receive e-mails on the move. At four-and-a-half inches by three, two-thirds taken up by the screen and one-third the ...

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The 10GB Cellular Phone


Think the storage space available from the latest desktop PCs is impressive? Well, your cell phone may soon have its own 10GB hard drive. Last week, the Storage Device Division at Toshiba America Electronics Components (TAEC) announced two new high-capacity drives that measure only 1.8-inches wide; small enough to fit ...

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Wireless Enabling Hardware for Palm


Being the pioneer in the wireless enabling device market, the company has developed CarpeDiem V, the world’s first GSM Communicator for Palm V series handhelds. The product empowers the handhelds with dual-band GSM and Internet connectivity for wireless data and voice communication, web-clipping, SMS (Short Message Service), real-time data synchronization ...

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