Wave Link PDA Plus with Wireless Audio, Email and Video


W.A.V.E. Link is the next generation of personal digital assistants for kids young and old. It incorporates state-of-the-art electronics and software technology to wirelessly transmit audio, video and e-mail at distances up to 1000 feet. More than just an organizer, the W.A.V.E. Link is the ultimate “stay connected with your ...

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Iomega Announces New 100MB PocketZip Drive


Iomega Corporation, a global leader in data management solutions, today announced the Iomega® PocketZipTM 100MB drive for handheld consumer electronics devices. A dramatic new low-cost portable storage standard for a new generation of digital audio, video, and imaging devices, the PocketZip 100MB drive leverages Iomega’s proven PocketZip technology and offers ...

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High-speed wireless networking solution for PDAs


The SimpleDevices™ SimplePad™ turns any Palm™ V series PDA into a high-speed, wireless tool able to utilize rich Internet content and data. Shipping in May 2001, the SimplePad will enable a new genre of wireless applications. Developers interested in creating solutions for SimplePad can purchase the SimplePad Development Kit in ...

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LLGE Develops World’s Fastest CD-RW Drive for Notebooks


LG Electronics has developed the world’s fastest CD-RW drive for notebook computers. The new product will be introduced in the world market from May this year. The new CD-RW (CD Re-Writable) drive (Model: GCE 8080N) supports 8-speed CD writing, 8-speed CD re-writing, and 24-speed CD playback. In particular, the CD ...

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New Plantronics Bluetooth™ Headset Powered By WIDCOMM Protocol Stack


Plantronics, Inc., (NYSE:PLT), the world leader in communications headsets, and WIDCOMM Inc., a world leader in Bluetooth™ software and networking solutions, today announced their joint development efforts to bring an all-new lightweight headset with Bluetooth wireless technology to market by summer 2001. Plantronics selected WIDCOMM Protocol Stack technology to supply ...

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AverMedia Palm-sized USB presenter


Forget those old faded photos in dusty photo albums. Always have your pictures in their pristine condition. We, at AVerMedia can put more excitement in reliving your memories. The AVerEPack300 is the innovative way of storing your pictures. Bring your photos to the digital age, by storing them in electronic ...

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RIM strikes deals with Lucent and GoAmerica


Lucent Technologies [NYSE:LU] and Research In Motion Limited (RIM) (Nasdaq: RIMM; TSE: RIM) today announced a broad-based alliance to accelerate commercialization of third generation (3G) mobile solutions using Lucent wireless networks and RIM’s products and services. The companies plan to cooperate in interoperability testing for next-generation wireless networks, and to ...

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Kyocera Wireless Corp. Announces New CDMA Module Product Line


Kyocera Wireless Corp., a leading provider of innovative CDMA wireless handsets, Tuesday announced the first of a series of CDMA tri-mode wireless modules. The new product line represents a significant expansion of Kyocera’s product portfolio beyond wireless handsets. Sample units of the Kyocera CDMA module will be displayed at the ...

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TDK’s Mojo MP3 Jukebox


In a move that will impact the listening habits of millions of music lovers, TDK today announced the development of the world’s first CD Digital Jukebox, a portable CD-based MP3 player that for the first time offers full artist, song title, album and musical genre navigation plus on-the-go playlist creation. ...

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Intel is One Step Closer to 10GHz


The chipmaker announced Thursday that it has delivered the first standard-format photomasks for use with Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) lithography. The technology is designed to allow chipmakers to embed ever smaller features on silicon, beginning with chips at the 70-nanometer level. Current processors are manufactured on a 180 nanometer micron process. ...

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