An Eclipse of Color


Trium combines many functions to make the Eclipse an elegant dual band phone a pleasure to use. It’s a truly colourful experience with 256 colours that can be packed on to its display measuring 120 by 143 dots. This enables the two games and other multi-media applications to be viewed in full colour. If you’re looking for information, permanent access ...

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Japan DoCoMo, Coca-Cola tie up on Cashless Vending


Japan’s biggest mobile operator DoCoMo and the Japanese unit of the world’s biggest soft drinks firm Coca-Cola Co will begin trials in Tokyo this summer to let people pay for drinks from vending machines using their mobile phones. NTT DoCoMo Inc said on Wednesday it will join with Coca-Cola (Japan) Co Ltd and Itochu Corp to check the commercial feasibility ...

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The Multiple Personality Notebook


The PaceBook is the first Tablet Notebook computer. As the name suggests it is a notebook computer (the worlds first Portrait Notebook Computer) that can also be used as a tablet computer. It features dictation and handwriting recognition as a tablet so that you can do most of the work while being really mobile. When a desk is available you ...

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Barcode Scanning on a RIM


The BW-B500I is a portable scan engine designed specifically for use with the RIM 850 wireless terminals. Its small form factor and rugged design combine perfectly with the wireless network capabilities of the RIM 850 to offer a superior solution for mobile data acquisition applications. The Wireless Barcode Scanner has a working range of 30 inches (76.2cm) and offers Adaptive ...

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NEC Goes Color


The DB7000 GPRS phone is an inspired fusion of top design and advanced technology. Its attractive and robust fold design format has been proven as the best design for mobile internet access as it allows for a large display. What’s more, with DB7000, your internet content viewing is enhanced with the graphic user interface and the 256 colour screen. DB7000 ...

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New Linux Multi-Device on the Horizon


The Galleo is the first-of-a-kind mobile multimedia communicator based on the Linux operating system with integrated wireless voice and data functionality. The Galleo mobile multimedia communicator represents a dramatic departure from the traditional handheld wireless device concept, transcending PDA capabilities to provide a fully integrated wireless voice and data communication, combining the complete array of capabilities, tools and applications needed ...

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Take Pictures with Your Cell Phone – The CommuniCam


The CommuniCam is an upcoming product from Ericsson which provides you with a camera which will snap to the bottom of your phone. This allows you take a picture and send it directly to an e-mail account or store it in the device. Details are limited at this point but the published specs are as follows: Image Resolution: 352×288 pxl ...

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HP Pocket PC Camera


Capture the moment with your HP pocket camera for Jornada pocket pc! Turn your hp jornada pocket pc into an amazing imaging productivity tool by simply plugging in the CF type I camera card. Capture images and add a personal touch by recording voice with it, attach the images to e-mail and share with friends and colleagues. Other features include ...

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Kodak Introduces Sleek, Technically Sophisticated PalmPix Camera For New Palm m500 and m505 Handhelds


Eastman Kodak Company today introduced a PalmPix™ camera that quickly and affordably transforms the latest Palm™ handheld computers, the m500 and m505, into color digital cameras. The new PalmPix camera, with its color sensor, represents the next generation of Kodak devices that enable pictures to become information that can be easily recorded, documented and shared. Designed for style-conscious Palm handheld ...

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MagCom Mobile PDA and Internet In One


The MagCom mobile phone, developed in Norway and incorporating internet access and a personal digital assistant (PDA), has been launched by the company of the same name. Aimed at the upper end of the market for hand-held mobile products, this device combines compact size, a weight as low as 157 grams and a big display in a very user-friendly solution. ...

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The Parachute PCMCIA Palm Adapter


The Parachute™, a slim, clip-on PC-Card (PCMCIA) slot, which enables a Palm™ device to have connectivity never before available. With the Parachute and a PC-card, users can log onto their company’s database, check the weather, surf their favorite sites on the Web, and send and receive e-mail message. The Parachute™ lets users put a portable office and message center in ...

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MiTAC Bluetooth Linux PDA


As small as 81(W)*130(H)*15(D) mm and as light as 140g, MiTAC Bluetooth PDA has the first Bluetooth built-in PDA module, pioneered in development of the integration of IA product and wireless solution technologies. By supporting Access Point, MiTAC Bluetooth PDA can be wirelessly linked to printers, notebooks, PCs, mobile phones and other networking communication equipment with built-in Bluetooth technology. Users ...

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DataPak 2GB PC Card Type II Hard Drive


The DataPak PC Card, model DP-PCM2/2GB, is a portable hard disk drive which fits into any Type II PC Card slot. The DataPak drive comes in a 2GB (Gigabyte) uncompressed, formatted storage capacity. Kingston’s DataPak PC Card hard drive supports PC-based operating systems such as DOS, Microsoft Windows® , Windows® 95, Windows NT® , and Apple Mac OS computers that ...

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A New Organic Compound Cellphone Screen


THE CELLPHONE is an organic part of life here — and now organic matter is a part of the cellphone. A Japan-Korea joint venture called Samsung NEC Mobile Display is incorporating organic compounds into keitai screens, resulting in radiant screens with less bulk, glare, battery drain, and manufacturing cost. With video, animated graphics, and other multimedia services dialing in to ...

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Spectronic Creates a New Mobile-Telephone Standard with Revolutionizing One-Hand Manoeuvering


Sidetouch is a new Swedish patent, which revolutionizes the mobile-telephone use. This system will replace pen and keyboard as well as computer mouse. Place the phone in the palm of your hand with your fingers and thumb on either side. You will be able to write texts with thumb movements just as quickly as on your keyboard. Sidetouch can at ...

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