Preview of the Philips Fisio 610


Already seen at the GSM World Congress of Cannes, Philips presents again at the CeBIT in Hannover another model dual band of its new production – after the leading one, the Xenium 9660 – provided with GPRS technology: the Fisio 610. Considering its characteristics, the terminal is targeted at both ...

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E-Fabric Jacket


Imagine a flexible piece of cloth with the display capabilities of your television screen, using liquid crystals or LEDs. This concept, commonly called “E-paper,” is all about creative flexible displays. Lunar Design is realizing this notion and incorporating it into a design concept called Blu. Blu is a jacket which ...

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Compaq launches iPAQ handheld device in Japan


Compaq Computer Corp became the latest handheld computer maker to launch its product in Japan with the iPAQ Pocket PC as new competitors scramble to break into the growing market for personal digital assistants. PDAs, as they are also called, are increasingly being linked to the Internet via wireless connections ...

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Fujitsu i-mode phone supports Java applications


Fujitsu Ltd has developed a new i-mode-compatible phone, the F503iHYPER, that can accommodate applications written in Java. The phone can download games and other software from special Web sites. The large built-in memory can store up to 50 applications, 30 downloaded melodies and a maximum of 100 screen memos. Users ...

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LGE Opens the Door to High-Speed Color Mobile Handsets


The Korean mobile industry is currently buzzing with the news that Korea’s first handset with 2.5G color LCD developed by LGE will open new doors in this fast-changing market. LG Electronics recently announced that it has become first in Korea to develop ” CyON Color Folder,” a high-speed color handset ...

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VIA Unveils Wireless Mobile Web Pad


VIA Technologies, Inc has introduced a distinctive new Web Pad reference design featuring 802.11b wireless connectivity technology at CeBIT 2001. The VIA Web Pad has been developed as the first mobile reference design in the company’s open industry-wide Value Internet Architecture initiative, alongside the new ITX motherboard, Information PC, and ...

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Ericsson recalls flawed GPRS phones


Swedish telecoms equipment maker Ericsson said on Tuesday it was withdrawing from the market its first shipment of new-technology GPRS mobile phones due to a flawed factory installation. The flawed phones, Ericsson’s recently launched R520 model, have been sent to retailers in Sweden and one or two other European countries. ...

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Palm Cuts Prices on Handheld Computers


Palm Inc. on Wednesday cut prices on several of its handheld computers in an attempt to move older merchandise and trim bloated inventories. The Santa Clara, Calif.-based company, which dominates the market for pocket-sized electronic digital assistants, said it would reduce the price of its two-year-old Palm Vx to $299 ...

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Aidii PD-131K 131Mhz Pocket PC


The Aidii PD-131K uses a very fast 131 MHz NEC 4121 MIPS processor. This is the same processor used in the Compaq Aero 2180 and Casio E-105. It is much faster than the 16MHz Dragonball processor found in Palm or most other PDA devices. It has a 240 320mm, 64K ...

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e-DATA Bluetooth CompactFlash Card


e-DATA Bluetooth CompactFlashTM Card solutions is designed to comply with the Bluetooth 1.0b Specification. It enables the PDAs with Bluetooth wireless connectivity without the need for cables. The comprehensible Bluetooth application software supports a wide range of Bluetooth Profiles, such as Dial-up Networking Profile, Service Discovery Application Profile, Serial Port ...

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Image_63287_tmimage.jpg Pte Ltd. announces the commercial launch of the PixScreen(TM) Palm 1.0, the world’s first interactive 3D, 360 degree digital image viewing software for Palm OS® handhelds. PixScreen Palm 1.0 makes sharing of 3D, 360 degree digital images between friends and business partners easier, more portable and more interactive at ...

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TWMIII Wireless Data Communicator


CNI’s TWMIII is an innovative wireless data communication device for Mobitex network. CNI is developing dedicated wireless solutions for Mobitex 900MHz and 400MHz network. CNI’s new generation Two Way Messenger, TWMIII, offers many major advantages such as true wearable size, light weight, high network connectivity, powerful functionality, ease of use, ...

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