Sticky Tape – The Future of Data Storage


A German researcher has discovered a way of storing information on a roll of humble sticky tape. Steffen Noethe of the European Media Lab in Heidelberg had the idea two years ago, one Friday the 13th, when he opened his desk drawer and saw a roll of tape. A laser ...

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Gigastorage Multiple Storage MP3 CD Player


Gigastorage Corp. has announced an MP3 player, the GS-R, which reads 8cm mini-CDs or CD-R discs. The model measures 118 by 87 by 28mm and weighs 150g. With a built-in CD-ROM drive, the player supports MP3, CD-I and CDDA data formats in CD-R discs and CD-RW discs. The player uses ...

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BlueTooth Compact Flash Card


We could not find much information on this product, but this is definatly something worth sharing. Kagadenshi will retail this compact flash card for Bluetooth applications from June. Inserting the card into compatible devices will allow wireless interfacing. This is to be available June 1 2001

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Image Sensing Systems, Inc. Introduces Mobile Blocker


Image Sensing Systems, Inc. announced today the immediate availability of MOBILE BLOCKER™, a state-of-the-art cellular telephone and pager jamming device that has the ability to effectively block the transmission and reception of mobile telephone and pager signals within a 40-meter (135 foot) circle with optimal placement. ISS also announces the ...

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Toshiba Unveils 2.0 Gig 1.8 Inch Harddrive


Toshiba America Electronics Components (TAEC), Storage Device Division today announced its newest family of embedded compact 1.8-inch hard disk drives (HDDs) in 5GB and 10GB capacities. These drives provide higher-capacity storage options for a range of notebook PC and non-PC applications. “Our new generation of slim, rugged 1.8-inch HDDs puts ...

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MV5 Digital Live Scanner


The MV5™ is a first in mobile fingerprint capture designed to provide law enforcement agencies immediate identification of suspects and wanted persons in the field when coupled with a local, county or state AFIS or NCIC2000. The MV5 can give the officer or agent added personal safety by enabling access ...

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Single-chip Audio Decoder Solution for MP3 Players Introduced


An audio decoder for portable and MP3-style personal audio players is available from SigmaTel (Austin, Texas). SigmaTel’s STMP3400 is a small, integrated solution for multi-format personal audio players. The SoC STMP3400 provides a digital-to-analog converter (DAC), analog-to-digital converter (ADC), and DC/DC converter. The STMP3400 solution is claimed to offer high ...

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Wearable Patents Take Off


The other devices from Orang-Otang Computers sound more like they should be worn by characters from the “Star Trek” movies: a phone that fits under a shirt sleeve and slides into the palm with a flick of the hand, a digital audio recorder for the wrist that hides in a ...

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Handspring Delivers Fast Blazer Web Browser


Handspring, Inc. has released a new version of Blazer, its award-winning web browser for Palm OS handhelds. The Blazer browser is designed to provide handheld computers with fast access to a full range of web content. As announced separately today, Handspring will bundle Blazer at no additional charge with the ...

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