Pioneer Happy AQUA Water Proof Speakers


Now your speakers can get as wet as your little sister’s choice in music and there’ll be no harm done. For some unfathomable reason (ho ho), Pioneer have decided that none of us can truly live without a high-tech, shiny, plastic, transparent bag. Enter the Happy AQUA, which, as the ...

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Codename: Itsy, Compaqs Prototype Linux Camera


Compaq’s research labs in Palo Alto, Calif., have designed a new handheld computer. Roughly the size of a Palm V, this new experiment in computing is powered by a 200-MHz StrongARM 1100 CPU and has 32MB of RAM, 32MB of flash memory and even a Linux operating system for you ...

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Convert old 1.44MB Floppies to 32MB


In case you are wondering what to do with all those 1.44MB floppy disks in your closet, we have an idea. Panasonic has debut the new SuperWriter 32 (LK-RF240UZ) that increases the size of your 1.44 floppy to 32MB. The USB-powered SuperWriter 32 reads and writes the new LS-240, the ...

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Mobile Office Ready to Go


Can’t get away from the office? The office can get away with you. BMW has fitted a stretched version of its 7 Series saloon with an onboard communications and computer system that allows rear-compartment passengers to use Microsoft Office applications, send and receive e-mail, and surf the Internet — all ...

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Sprint’s Net Income Falls 72 Percent


No. 3 U.S. long-distance telephone company Sprint Corp. today said its first-quarter net income fell 72 percent amid lower calling prices, stiff competition and investments to build its data and wireless businesses. Kansas City, Mo.-based Sprint’s net income dropped to $315 million, or 36 cents a share, compared with $1.118 ...

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PocketTV Brings Video to Handheld PCs


PocketTV can play any standard MPEG-1 file (extension .mpg or .mpeg). PocketTV is also capable of streaming MPEG video files using standard internet protocols such as http or ftp, provided that your device has a network connection (wireless or ethernet) that supports the necessary bandwidth i.e. the bitrate of the ...

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Optrex Develops 65,000-Color STN-LCD Panel for Mobile Devices


OPTREX has developed its proprietary Active MLA (A-MLAAActive Multi-Line Addressing) technology by combining a new LCD 65,000 colors video-capable high-speed driving method with highly reflective LCD panel technology for the mobile device applications with a reflective color LCD system called “Super STN”. With the mass production of new driver ICs ...

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The New One Touch 511 by Alcatel


Alcatel gave the world its first tantalizing preview of the new One Touch 511 mobile phone, set to be on the market in early July. The One Touch 511 is a compact, easy-to-use WAP mobile packed with many surprising interactive functions. It will in fact be the smallest, most compact ...

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Conversay, Mobile Mutant to Provide Voice-Driven Applications For Mobile Devices


Conversay, a global leader in enabling speech technologies for both mobile and traditional Internet access devices, announced today it will integrate speech technology into applications built for embedded mobile devices by Korea-based Mobile Mutant. The partnership is expected to result in the first speech-enabled platform-free applications built specifically for mobile ...

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The Fibre of the Future


German scientists have developed fibres that have photo-electrical capabilities, which could theoretically power electronic items such as mobile phones or electronic organisers. The New Scientist reports on how these fibres could be woven into regular material to make machine-washable clothes with this power-generating property. There are a number of applications ...

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