Intersil Ships CommLink OC-3 Wireless Modem Chip Set


Intersil, a leading developer of silicon technology for Broadband Wireless Access (BWA), announced it is shipping its new CommLink OC-3 Modem chip set and reference design to customers who are designing broadband wireless Internet and cellular backhaul infrastructure equipment. Intersil’s new ISL87060 chip set—the first product resulting from its strategic ...

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IBM Finds New Way to Make Liquid Crystal Displays


Scientists at IBM have developed a process that aligns the liquid crystals used in many computer displays without the need for abrasive rubbing, promising to cut manufacturing costs and improve image quality, the company said Thursday. The technique, which International Business Machines reported in Thursday’s edition of the science journal ...

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WideRay Unveils New Solution to Delivering On-Demand, On-Location Content and Applications to Handheld Devices


WideRay today announced that it has developed the hardware, software and network infrastructure necessary to deliver broadband, contextual information to handheld devices. The company launches today with a comprehensive, patent-pending technology infrastructure, multiple partners and several high profile customers including Metreon – A Sony Entertainment Center. “WideRay has carefully addressed ...

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Infrared Firefighter Camera


”One of the last things one might expect to be a problem when fighting a fire might be visibility – it’s not as if there weren’t any light – but many deaths can be attributed to that very factor. Firefighters often can’t see through the extremes of sooty smoke and ...

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Sony to Debut Digital Camera with CD-R/RW


Sony Corp. said that it will begin selling on June 8 a digital camera named CD Mavica that uses an 8cm CD-R/RW with a capacity of 150MB as its recording medium. CD Mavica comes with two models: the MVC-CD300 with a CCD of 3.34 million pixels, and the MVC-CD200 with ...

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DATECS Unveils the Palm Printer


DATECS PP50 is a unique piece of portable equipment specially designed to cradle the world’s most popular palm-size computer – PALM III series, PALM V and VISOR. This allows the end user to print data from standard Palm applications; Date Book, Address, ToDo and Memo as well as the exact ...

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NTT DoCoMo Unveils PHS Phone Compatible with Music Service


NTT DoCoMo Inc. said it launched today a new personal handyphone system (PHS) phone called “Picwalk SH712m” developed by Sharp Corp. The PHS phone is compatible with NTT DoCoMo’s music distribution service called “M-stage music.” The retail price is expected to be between 30,000 yen and 35,000 yen. (122.28 yen ...

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Apple Unveils New iBook Laptop


Apple Computer Inc. unveiled a new iBook laptop Tuesday in a move it hopes will boost its fading share of the education market. “Some people have wondered if our commitment to education was as strong as it once was. I can assure you, if anything, it’s stronger,” Steve Jobs (news ...

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Pogo Jumps into the Frame


On the Isle of Man, a BT team is working flat out to beat its Japanese rivals in the race to set up the world’s first third generation (3G) phone network system. However, in London, a start-up company, while not exactly wishing ill on those pioneering engineers, certainly hopes they ...

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D-Link Unveils DI-711 Wireless Router


D-Link, an Award Winning Designer, Developer and Manufacturer of Networking, Data Communications and Digital Electronic Technologies for the Digital Home, Small to Medium Business (SMB) and Workgroup to Enterprise Environments, announced the addition of the DI-711 Wireless Home DSL/Cable Router & Access Point + 10/100 Ethernet Port to its Award ...

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