iPaq Can Double as a Phone with UGotACall Software


Compaq Computer’s iPaq handheld computer can now make local and international calls at domestic rates in Singapore. The new service is related to a deal between Singapore communications services company UGotACall and Compaq Singapore. Targeted at the corporate market, companies must first install UGotACall’s server and its software for individual ...

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Handpsring Japan to Introduce Wireless Module


Handspring Inc said on Friday that it will release in Japan this year a wireless communications module for its Visor handheld computer in an increasingly competitive market for personal digital assistants. Handspring’s local unit said it will tie up with Japan Communications Inc and Tokyo Telecommunications Network Co (TTNet), to ...

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XYBERNAUT® and Texas Instruments Developing Speech Recognition for Xybernaut’s Wearable Computers


Xybernaut Corporation, the leader in wearable computing solutions, announced today that it has entered into a software license agreement with Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI). This agreement contains three separate licenses that provide Xybernaut with access to TI’s speech recognition source code, the right to adapt, develop and bundle an executable ...

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OmniVision Announces Integrated Mini Camera Module for Mobile Phones and Other Portable Digital Devices


OmniVision Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: OVTI – news), a leader in designing, developing and marketing advanced, highly integrated CMOS image sensors used in electronic cameras and other optical imaging devices, today announced its OmniStar Cam, a low-power, highly integrated miniature camera module targeted at 2 Gigahertz(G), 2.5G and 3G mobile phones ...

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E-Burger and Fries To Go


The steady push of technology knows no boundary and now it looks like it’s about to change the way we buy junk food. That bastion of culinary abandon, McDonald’s, is introducing a scheme where customers use an electronic tag to buy their burgers. The hamburger chain is testing out a ...

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New Wireless Technology Follows ‘Thin Is Better’ Logic


ZiLOG Inc., the Extreme Connectivity™ Company, today launched the new Slim series of IrDA-compliant transceivers with a new low-profile module that will allow designers to add infrared connectivity to even the thinnest PDAs, cell phones, and other handheld portable devices. Housed in a miniature 9.1 mm by 3.8 mm package, ...

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Multifunction East-hunter ET-2000 has 1.02M Memory


Shenzhen E-Trend Communication Technology Co. Ltd has recently developed the East-hunter ET-2000. This multifunction pager doubles as a securities information reception and analysis device. The unit comes with a wide, high-definition LCD and 1.02M memory. When used as a normal pager, it supports 20-slot personal and 16-slot public messages. Each ...

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MiTAC Unveils the Latest Wireless GETAC Ruggedized CA 25 IP52 Tablet PC


MiTAC announced the debut of the latest wireless GETAC Ruggedized CA 25 Tablet PC featuring Industrial PC Standard IP52. This hand-help computer, non-fan and almost noiseless, is especially designed for the practical applications of warehouses, automobiles, vehicles, public security, repairing, handicapped assistant, and other demanding situations where conventional notebooks just ...

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Portable Translation Gadgets Soon to Emerge


After decades of work, researchers have developed prototypes of wearable computers that can translate simple spoken conversation as it occurs. The first field tests of these devices are scheduled for later this year when U.S. soldiers and Marines tote separate versions on missions in the Balkans and South Korea. No ...

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A Communicator for Asia and the U.S.


It’s not easy living in Asia or being a U.S. citizen if you fancy a Pocket PC communicator. The Siemens MultiMobile, the Sagem WA3050 and the Trium Mondo – they’re all GSM/GPRS communicators, but finally there seems to be an alternative for non-Europeans, created by Korean-based Mplustech. The ZeSSPalm Phone ...

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Nikon Inroduces its First Vibration Reduction (VR) Lens


Canon was the first to offer an image-stabilization system, and now Nikon joins its rival with vibration-reducing technology for handheld telephoto shooting at relatively slow shutter speeds. If you shoot in low-light conditions or in other situations that require the use of slow shutter speeds that would normally result in ...

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