PHS Phone Doubles as Digital Cordless


NEC Corp. has launched a mobile phone that works with the public PHS network and business or industrial digital cordless terminals, the Carrity-NS. The phone supports from 32Kbps to 64Kbps PHS data transmission. It features high-speed handover when used within a company compound or plant that automatically selects the best base station even while the user is in motion. Measuring ...

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eMAGIN Offers World’s First Full-Colour OLED


eMagin Corporation (AMEX: EMA), the leader in OLED-on-Silicon microdisplay technology, today announced that it is accepting orders for its new full-color active matrix organic light emitting diode (OLED) SVGA+ Developerxs Kit. The SVGA+ OLED microdisplay, designed for consumer applications, contains more than 1.5 million individually addressable picture elements and exhibits up to 16 million colors. xeMagin has the first OLED ...

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South Korean Lab Aims for Paper-Thin, Pocket-Portable Speakers


” Researchers at a South Korean laboratory think they have come up with a breakthrough to allow more widespread use of relatively inexpensive loudspeakers that can be pinned to a wall, then folded or rolled to be carried away in someone’s pocket. They could even, says one expert, become a computer screen that’s also a speaker. Scientists at the Thin ...

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Sony earmarks $500m for Ericsson


” Sony, the Japanese electronics group, said it expected to invest up to $500m in its mobile phone joint venture with Ericsson of Sweden. The venture, formally unveiled on Tuesday, aims to give both companies a leading global position as the mobile phone converges with the internet around third generation technology. The venture, to be based in London, will include ...

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Qwest Wireless Launches Multiplayer Gaming Service With nGame


nGame Ltd., the leading channel, content and technology provider for wireless, PC-web and interactive television community-based games, today announced an agreement with Qwest Wireless to provide a channel of 4 wireless multiplayer games for web-enabled phones. The service is now live. nGame will host a channel of their most popular titles, including “Alien Fish Exchange,” “Carrier Force”, the Bafta Nominated ...

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Trimble Puts GPS Mapping in Your Pocket


Trimble today introduced a uniquely designed personal, pocket-sized Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver for the mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) market. Developed to use with a number of popular handheld devices including pen-based or laptop computers, Pocket PCs, and Palm devices, the GPS Pathfinder® Pocket receiver is rugged, compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry and use, while ...

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NEC Computers Inc. First To Introduce Transmeta-Based Ultraportable Enterprise Notebooks


NEC Computers Inc., a leading provider of mobile, desktop and server computing solutions for the enterprise market, today introduced two new ultraportable notebook systems, the NEC Versa® DayLiteTM and Versa UltraLiteTM notebook computers. These notebooks are the first sub-3.5-pound ultraportable enterprise notebooks to include lithium polymer batteries in combination with lithium ion batteries, and the power-saving technology of the Transmeta ...

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Archos Jukebox CDRW-MP3 Player / Recorder


” Archos has always been known for their smaller than average external drives. They recently jumped on the MP3 bandwagon with the Jukebox 6000, which is a very impressive MP3 player, indeed. The newer Jukebox CDRW-MP3 player offers a lot of technology in one compact unit. This unit functions not only as a stand alone MP3/CD player, but also a ...

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Mobile phone tones ‘rob musicians of royalties’


The craze for downloading pop tunes to use as ringing tones on mobile phones could be depriving the music industry of £700,000 a day in royalties, it was claimed yesterday. The internet monitoring company Envisional said the fad was robbing recording artists of their intellectual property rights and could cost them as much as the Napster website. Envisional found more ...

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Ericsson Loses Third-Biggest Handset Maker Title


The problems facing Swedish telecoms equipment maker Ericsson were underlined on Thursday when it lost its title of the world’s third-largest mobile phone maker to Germany’s Siemens AG. Siemens said it sold 6.9 million mobile phones in the January-March period against Ericsson’s 6.2 million units. Ericsson last week reported a 4.9 billion crown ($482.8 million) pre-tax loss for the first ...

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Samsung SDI Produces Plastic ‘Tough Panels’ for New Devices


Samsung SDI Co., Ltd. has begun producing plastic “tough panels,” which will be used for next-generation telecom devices, including PDAs, smart phones and notebooks. Samsung SDI said its tough panels use composites of plastics rather than glass, which reduces the weight by half and helps improve durability. Samsung’s initial production of the plastic tough panels amounted to 100,000 units in ...

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Panasonic SV-SD75 e-wear SD Audio Player


Panasonic’s e-wear Audio Player is extremely compact for wearability and only weighs 1.5 oz. It uses High quality sound using AAC coding (Advanced Audio Coding) to play MP3 files without transcoding. The USB connection offers fast content transfer. During playback the e-wear will not skip since there are no moving parts. It uses Dual decoders (AAC & MP3) for a ...

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Iomega Introduces New 1GB Microdrive


Iomega Corporation, a global leader in data management solutions, today announced the availability of the Iomega 1GB Microdrive miniature hard drive. The new drive brings increased capacity, improved low-power operation and improved shock tolerance to the Microdrive storage solutions available to Iomega customers. Iomega announced its Microdrive line with the introduction of the Iomega 340MB Microdrive in November of 2000. ...

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Chinabird Unveils the SG1000 Dual-Band GSM Phone


Chinabird Mobile Communication Co. Ltd has developed the Bird SG1000, a dual-band GSM phone. The BIRD SG1000 has been designed to combine lightness and beauty,it has only 95 grams and less than 88mm length.The BIRD SG1000 offers all the performance of the high-tech product: it is a dual-band mobile incorporating a d@ta-fax modem and it has three import-type: stroke¡¢aptitude-spell and ...

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New Software First to Turbocharge Wireless Web For Pocket PC Devices

Image_63149_tmimage.jpg, a leading mobile Internet software provider, has announced the release of the first optimization software compatible for Pocket PC devices. The new release enables wireless access speeds equivalent to dial-up connections, allowing a truly usable consumer and corporate mobile Internet device. “We’ve seen growing demand for Internet access with mobile computing devices, and the increasing popularity of the Pocket ...

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