Siemens IC35, The Unifier


In this age of mobility, there is a growing demand for an uncomplicated tool which ensures constant access to information and communication channels in addition to mobile telephone functions. With the Unifier, numerous data and information services can be called up at any time via the WAP access system in ...

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WISMO Empowers Palm Handheld Add-On with GSM Functionality


Wavecom SA, a leading developer of digital wireless standard modules (WISMO™), today announced that the wireless communication specialist REALVision Technology Limited has chosen Wavecom’s WISMO technology for CarpeDiem V, its smart GSM communicator for Palm™ V series handheld computers. An initial order has already been placed with Fargo Services (H. ...

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Compaq Unveils iPAQ Personal CD Player PCD-1


Compaq is soon to release the iPAQ Personal CD Player PCD-1, which has a built in FM Tuner, equalizer, infrared remote, with a durable non-skip design. The Compaq Personal CD Player transforms the digital music evolution into a full-fledged revolution. Made for music lovers with growing MP3 or CD collections, ...

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Beat Plus Sound Module New for Visor


Early in July 2001, Hagiwara Sys-Com will place on the market the “Beat Plus” Springboard™ module for the Handspring Visor. The product uses a Yamaha FM & PCM sound chip; compatible software, with this module inserted into the springboard slot of a Visor, can produce powerful sound through it. An ...

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Ericsson Unveils the Chatpen CHA-30


Ericsson announced the world’s first digital pen, Chatpen ™ CHA- 30. Taking advantage of Bluetooth ™ wireless technology and the GPRS network, Chatpen can transfer handwritten text and interact with mobile phones, computers and the Internet. The Chatpen technology offers tremendous potential for operators and their customers by creating a ...

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Motorola’s BlueTooth Headset Coming Soon


Bluetooth seems to be finally making a small impact in the mobile phone market, with a very limited number of Bluetooth-enabled phones starting to show up. The real show will however not begin before at the end of 2001, when several mobile phone and PDA manufacturers are expected to step ...

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Trimol Group and Aluminum-Power Open Fuel Cell R&D Center


Trimol Group, Inc. announced today that in collaboration with Aluminum Power Inc., it has opened an International Fuel Cell Research and Development Center for the continued development of its aluminum-air fuel cell technology, which the Company licensed from Aluminum Power for use in portable consumer electronics. “This new R&D Center ...

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Sharp Introduces New VL-AX1 Digital LCD View


Sharp Corporation announces the introduction into the Japanese market of the VL-AX1 Digital LCD ViewCam. The advanced zoom function of this high-tech digital video camera allows high-quality video and audio recording of distant objects. The VL-AX1 Digital LCD ViewCam is equipped with a 23X Power Zoom Lens, which allows even ...

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Compaq iPAQ with Bluetooth AND Smartcard Reader


Tactel reveals a new add-on for the iPAQ, a combination of Bluetooth and smartcard. The solution is integrated in the jacket and leaves the Compact Flash card slot available for e.g. Memory, Bar code scanner etc. With this solution you could access the net over a BT mobile phone and ...

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Seiko ‘Me-ism’ ME100S Portable AV product


The name Seiko has coined, “Me-ism,” actually makes a kind of sense, too. ME stands for Mobile Entertainment, and an “ism,” according to my trusty dictionary, is “a distinctive doctrine, system, or theory.” The ME100S establishes a very attractive new entertainment system or ideology by offering up television, music, FM ...

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