Samsung Announces World’s Smallest Audio Player


”With MP3 and Napster still in the headlines, Samsung has chosen a great time to promote its latest music playing hardware. The Mini Yepp is a tiny egg-shaped device that weighs a remarkable 1.13 ounces and features 32Mb of internal memory. The unit features a four band graphic equaliser, a ...

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DoCoMo Halts Sales of Latest Sony Cell Phone


Japan’s dominant mobile phone service provider NTT DoCoMo Inc announced on Friday that it has suspended sales of Sony Corp’s latest handset featuring an advanced version of its popular “i-mode” Internet access service due to a software glitch. A spokeswoman for NTT DoCoMo said about 420,000 units of the Sony ...

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Panasonic Introduces New VHS-C Palmcorder Camcorders


Panasonic Canada Inc. (PCI) announces its 2001 VHS-C camcorder line, with newly designed models to fit every need and budget. The new line boasts sleek, new cosmetics, and features the high performance, ease of use and ergonomic design that are hallmarks of the Panasonic Palmcorderâ line. The five new models ...

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Plantronics Bluetooth Headset Powered By WIDCOMM Protocol Stack


Plantronics, Inc., the world leader in communications headsets, and WIDCOMM Inc., a world leader in Bluetooth™ software and networking solutions, today announced their joint development efforts to bring an all-new lightweight headset with Bluetooth wireless technology to market by summer 2001. Plantronics selected WIDCOMM Protocol Stack technology to supply the ...

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JVC GR-DV2000U Digital Camcorder / Camera


A new breed of digital video camera. Based on a straight forward idea- that a better camera produces a better picture. Combined with a hybrid design- so the quality comes through when shooting high-resolution digital video or UXGA (1600×1200-pixel) digital stills. Optically and digitally ready to perform- if serious performance ...

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Three-In-One MP3 Player


Cymo International has released a three-in-one MP3 player, the MPS-200, which consists of a portable MP3 player, an amplifier and two satellite speakers. The model features 16M of memory that stores up to five songs. A smart card slot allows the memory to be expanded up to 64M. The main ...

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Intel Transforms Handspring Visors Into Wireless Communication Tools


Intel Corporation today introduced the Xircom® SpringPort(TM) Wireless Ethernet module, the first wireless local area network (WLAN) device for the Handspring(TM) Visor(TM) handheld computer. The new module complements Intel’s existing line of WLAN products and is the first product announced after the company’s acquisition of Xircom. Slightly smaller than a ...

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Tel.Me. Announces their first GPRS Mobile Phone


Tel.Me., Austria’s first manufacturer of mobile phones, MP3-players and internet devices, announced a world premier for the late fall. With it’s GPRS mobile phone model T911 Tel.Me. wants to advance into the high-tech league of the mobile phone elite. The young company is launching with the T911 it’s “Skyscraper” series, ...

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Hydrogen Powered Camcorder


Peep! “Please switch off. Power supply almost exhausted.” Every day millions of mobile phone, palmtop, notebook, portable CD player and camcorder users are driven to fury by this warning. Without a power source, this wonderful new wealth of modern electronics is of no use at all. Yet the mobile and ...

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