Ricoh and Pretec Team Up to Show 640MB CompactFlash Card


The largest capacity CompactFlash card in the world, 640MB from Pretec Electronics Corp. has been tested and approved by Ricoh Co. Ltd. in Japan to be compatible with Ricoh RDC-i700 and RDC-i500 (2048 x 1536, 3.34 megapixel) digital cameras running current firmware. Ricoh’s RDC-i700 is the World’s first network and ...

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Nokia to deliver new GPRS phone to the Americas


Nokia today announced that its first GPRS (General Packet Radio Service)- enabled wireless phone is expected to be available in the Americas by the end of 2001. The feature-intense Nokia 8390 (GSM/GPRS 1900) combines the newest high-speed packet data technology with the signature style that has become the hallmark of ...

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Vendor Interactive Demo’s New Wireless Net Device


Vendor Interactive Imaging Systems (IIS) said Monday that it will unveil a new wireless device for browsing the Internet this week. The comapny’s Personal Internet Browser (PIB) is a cell phone-sized device with a full-color screen. It connects to the Internet using Net-ready phones, wireless modems, Bluetooth, or 802.11b wireless ...

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New BE-300 Cassiopeia Pocket Manager


This 32K color, personal digital assistant (PDA) with an open development framework based on Windows CE 3.0 has revolutionized the Windows CE environment. The Casio BE300 Pocket Manager boasts superior expandability, user-friendly controls, and a great price! A powerful and versatile device offers a robust line of business accessories, software ...

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Storage Solutions Keep Growing


External storage solutions are vital to handheld afficionados, and the latest major-size additions are Pretec Electronic’s 640 MB CompactFlash and SanDisk’s 128 MB SDCard. The battle between the different standards for storage expansion in mobile devices is a hard one, and for us ordinary mere mortals it’s not easy to ...

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IBM Announces Worlds Fastest Silicon-Based Transistor


IBM today announced it has built the world’s fastest silicon-based transistor, a basic building block used to make microchips. IBM expects the new transistor will drive communications chips to speeds of 100GHz within two years — five times faster and four years sooner than recently-announced competitive approaches. The transistor uses ...

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Preview of the Siemens ME45


Presented on the occasion of the CommunicAsia 2001, in progress in these days in Singapore, the new Siemens ME45 is the first telephone of the German manufacturer to be provided with GPRS technology, of EMS (Enhanced Message Service) and of flexible memory. This terminal, that is compact and resistant, is ...

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Portsmith, Inc. Announces the Release of Its Newest Ethernet Connectivity Solution for Palm Handheld Computers


Portsmith, Inc., today announced the release of its latest Ethernet Cradle for Palm handheld computers. Designed for Palm III and VII series handhelds, the new cradle offers location-independent, synchronization-level access to critical data from anywhere within the enterprise. Portsmith Ethernet Cradle products are designed to seamlessly integrate into existing network ...

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DoCoMo 3G Vdeophones Set for Delayed Debut


Japan’s largest wireless carrier, NTT DoCoMo Inc, said on Thursday that video-enabled phones, a key product for third-generation (3G) mobile networks, would become available next week after a one-month delay. The delay was one of numerous technical glitches that have plagued 3G services, including software problems that forced DoCoMo to ...

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Siemens IC35, The Unifier


In this age of mobility, there is a growing demand for an uncomplicated tool which ensures constant access to information and communication channels in addition to mobile telephone functions. With the Unifier, numerous data and information services can be called up at any time via the WAP access system in ...

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WISMO Empowers Palm Handheld Add-On with GSM Functionality


Wavecom SA, a leading developer of digital wireless standard modules (WISMO™), today announced that the wireless communication specialist REALVision Technology Limited has chosen Wavecom’s WISMO technology for CarpeDiem V, its smart GSM communicator for Palm™ V series handheld computers. An initial order has already been placed with Fargo Services (H. ...

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Compaq Unveils iPAQ Personal CD Player PCD-1


Compaq is soon to release the iPAQ Personal CD Player PCD-1, which has a built in FM Tuner, equalizer, infrared remote, with a durable non-skip design. The Compaq Personal CD Player transforms the digital music evolution into a full-fledged revolution. Made for music lovers with growing MP3 or CD collections, ...

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