Handheld Accessible ATM Unveiled


NCR Corporation demonstrated a new breed of Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) at the Marriott Marquis in New York City this past Friday. The new machines will feature the ability of users to withdraw cash using a mobile phone or handheld device. NCR’s new screenless, keyless ATM is built around Bluetooth ...

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Audiovox MP3J MP4000 With 340MB IBM Microdrive


The Audiovox MP3J MP4000 strikes an interesting balance between a portable MP3 player and a dedicated player for the car. Its roomy 340MB hard drive offers enough storage for long road trips, and Audiovox includes all of the necessary accessories for hooking the player into your car’s cassette deck. However, ...

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Solagent ‘Secure Plus’ Allows Computer Users to Retrieve Data from Lost or Stolen Laptops


Solagent, Inc., the leader in Remote Data Protection technology today announced the market release of Solagent Secure Plus, the mobile and wireless computing industry’s first remote data protection technology that enables corporations, government agencies, and individuals to actually retrieve critical or sensitive data files from a lost or stolen computer. ...

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Imation CDRW doubles as MP3 player


Imation unveils its first MP3 CD-RW player called RipGo!, the USB-interface player can create CD-Rs and CD-RWs as well as playing digital music files stored on the media as well. According to Imation, the new RipGo! is the smallest form factor available today for both recording MP3 music on CDs ...

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Acomdata Multi-Format Card Reader


One of the most dreaded events that can happen to a photographer is running out of film when you see a great picture. In the digital age this still happens, but now you just run out of memory. True, you can just delete older pictures, but what do you do ...

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China Develops Worlds First 32-Bit CPU Chip


China has succeeded in developing its first 32-bit CPU, the “Fangzhou-1,” which is now available for batch production. “Fangzhou” is the brand name of the CPU chips developed by China Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp.. “Fangzhou-1″ is the first product in the “Fangzhou” family, and is an integrated CPU chip designed ...

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Ricoh Announces 2 Megapixel MP3 Digicam


Ricoh Japan has announced a new combination digital camera / MP3 player, according to Yamada Kumio’s digitalcamera.gr.jp website. The Ricoh Caplio RR10 is a 2 megapixel, 2x optical zoom unit which has still image, video, webcam and MP3 capabilities. According to Ricoh, the design was based on the shape of ...

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Scan CarDap FM Car Adaptor for MP3 Players


Got an MP3 Player or Portable CD Player Or a Minidisk Player (in fact any portable device with a standard earphone jack)? Also use for Commercial & Fun applications like 2 Way Radio – Emergency Services Radio – On your Boat or Caravan and can use with ANY other product ...

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European Regulators Raid Cell Phone Companies


”European regulators raided the offices of Vodafone and eight other mobile phone operators today and combed through documents they believed would offer evidence that the companies had set artificially high prices for some services. The coordinated, surprise inspections cap a 17-month inquiry into roaming prices — the fees that mobile ...

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