Fujitsu Rapdiscan Mobile Scanner


It’s a handheld scanner, it’s quick, and it’s mobile. Hence the name “Fujitsu Rapidscan Mobile Scanner”. The Rapidscan is a tiny it weighs an incredible 100g but is capable of scanning at 600dpi and 16,770,000 colors, which is meets most scanning needs. It looks a bit like a very fat (or is that “gravitationally challenged?”) pencil, the new Rapidscan is ...

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$25 online PDA Demonstrates Virtues of Bluetooth Enabled ETHERchip


MediaSolv announced today that it has designed a low cost PDA that will enable real time access and management of e-mail, calendar, contacts and other personal information. The PDA to be demonstrated at the CommunicAsia 2001 tradeshow in Singapore in June, will cost as little as $25. This PDA is essentially proof of concept for the company’s Bluetooth enabled ETHERchip ...

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IBM Introduces New MicroPortable Data/Video Projector


IBM today announced its lightest and brightest projector ever — the new MicroPortable Data/Video Projector featuring an integrated software capability that allows the user to automatically set up the image and just ‘plug in and project.’ Weighing in at just three pounds and about the size of a good novel (2.0” x 6.3” x 8.3”), the projector can be used ...

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Sharp Unveils The Mebius PC-SX1-H1


”Sharp Electronics today introduced the Crusoe-based Mebius PC-SX1-H1 notebook in Japan. the Mebius sports a TM5600 Crusoe processor and up to 10 hours of battery life. With the addition of Sharp to its line-up of notebook producing companies, Transmeta now works with every major Japanese notebook maker. Transmeta’s impact on Asia is significant given the size of of Japan and ...

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Wireless World Headed for a Logjam


Wireless prophets predict a future filled with phones that will alert you to sales at nearby stores, play your favorite song or video, and even locate you in an emergency. There’s just one hitch. Even with 4 billion Internet addresses, current Web technology is expected to be swamped in 2005 amid a flood of devices ranging from third-generation phones to ...

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Kodak Professional DCS 760 Digital Camera at 6 Megapixels


Kodak Professional has assembled a powerful new digital imaging “bundle” for portrait and event photographers, featuring its newest digital camera the DCS 760 the newly upgraded Kodak Professional 8660 Thermal Printer, and Portraits & More PC Professional software. The bundle comes at a significant savings 23 percent or $4,494 off normal U.S. suggested list pricing over purchasing the components individually. ...

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Intel Creates Technology To Enable ‘Wireless-Internet-On-A-Chip’


Intel Corporation today unveiled an experimental computer chip based on a new process technology that combines the core components of today’s cellular phones and handheld computers. This integrated, “wireless-Internet-on-a-chip” technology could enable a new era of wireless Internet-access products with extensive battery life and greater processing power. The new research chips feature logic (microprocessor), flash memory and analog communications circuits ...

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Mini Radios work as Mobile Phone Hands- Free Kit


Chit Shun Enterprises Co. Ltd has launched a new mini radio series. The ATT-33 functions as a mobile phone hands-free earphone and FM auto scan radio. The radio receives FM bands from 88MHz to 108MHz. The unit comes in a range of translucent color combinations, including orange and yellow, blue and purple and red and pink. The unit measures 58 ...

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Microsoft Introduces Windows Media Player 7.1 for Pocket PC and Mobile


Microsoft Corp. today announced the immediate availability of Microsoft® Windows Media™ 7.1 Player for Pocket PC and announced a preview of a new wireless digital media guide for mobile users, Mobile. Windows Media Player 7.1 for Pocket PC is the first all-in-one media player to support wireless access to digital audio and video for Pocket PC users,* as well ...

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Sharp Unveils New Zaurus Personal Mobile Tool MI-L1 Equipped with Slide-Out Keyboard


Sharp Corporation announces the introduction into the Japanese market of the new MI-L1 Zaurus. This futuristic personal mobile tool supports diverse mobile business purposes with greater ease and efficiency. E-mail and schedules can be checked with one hand for enhanced ease of operation as well as mobile communication and PC/groupware link functions are further strengthened. This simplifies business mail communication ...

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Compaq Drives Next Era of Business Computing with Introduction of New Compaq Evo Notebooks


Leading the evolution into a new era of business computing, Compaq Computer Corporation today unveiled the first notebook, workstation and thin client products in the new Compaq Evo™ family of corporate solutions. Sporting sleek carbon and silver industrial designs, the new Compaq Evo products offer innovations such as integrated MultiPort wireless connectivity for the ultra-light Evo Notebook N400c; the durable, ...

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Sticky Tape – The Future of Data Storage


A German researcher has discovered a way of storing information on a roll of humble sticky tape. Steffen Noethe of the European Media Lab in Heidelberg had the idea two years ago, one Friday the 13th, when he opened his desk drawer and saw a roll of tape. A laser beam is used to engrave a digital hologram on a ...

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Gigastorage Multiple Storage MP3 CD Player


Gigastorage Corp. has announced an MP3 player, the GS-R, which reads 8cm mini-CDs or CD-R discs. The model measures 118 by 87 by 28mm and weighs 150g. With a built-in CD-ROM drive, the player supports MP3, CD-I and CDDA data formats in CD-R discs and CD-RW discs. The player uses rechargeable NiMH batteries that support up to four hours of ...

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JVC Introduces the Amazing New Miniature Range of MiniDV Camcorders


JVC, the inventor of VHS and a leading innovator in digital video systems, has announced the introduction of ‘Miniature™ the Worlds smallest and lightest digital video camcorder. The JVC Miniature™ is ultra compact and easy to use. Using the World standard MiniDV format together with JVC’s Super High Band Processor, the Miniature™ will give you high quality moving picture images; ...

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BlueTooth Compact Flash Card


We could not find much information on this product, but this is definatly something worth sharing. Kagadenshi will retail this compact flash card for Bluetooth applications from June. Inserting the card into compatible devices will allow wireless interfacing. This is to be available June 1 2001

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