Aether Systems Announces Availability of PocketBlue, Wireless Handheld Application for Mobile Law Enforcement


Aether Systems, Inc. a leading provider of wireless data products and services, today announced the availability of PocketBlue™, a wireless handheld application for mobile law enforcement. PocketBlue is the first handheld law enforcement application that ensures both in-vehicle and out-of-vehicle personnel, as well as headquarters, are integrated into an agency’s ...

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Xybernaut’s Wearable Computer Chosen for Mars Training Mission in Northern Canada


Xybernaut® Corporation, the leader in mobile wearable computing and wireless communications, today announced that it has been chosen to provide its Mobile Assistant® wearable computers for the 2001 Haughton-Mars Project (HMP). Heavily funded through NASA and the non-profit SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) Institute, this research project is dedicated to ...

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Fluorescent LANs Light the Way


Data hidden in the flicker of fluorescent bulbs may help the disabled lead independent lives. The flicker of fluorescent lights, long a symbol of institutional drear, may give new freedom to the handicapped, thanks to a high-tech startup that sees the bulbs as the perfect transmitters. Talking Lights, a Cambridge-based ...

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Secure Mobile Phone Offers Public Military-Grade Protection


It used to be that top-secret communication gadgets were reserved for the military and security services. Now, a German company is selling a cellular phone that offers consumers military-grade privacy. The TopSec cell phone is being marketed toward corporate executives and government officials who want to discuss sensitive matters wherever ...

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Kodak invests in DataPlay


Eastman Kodak Company announced an investment in DataPlay, Inc., a leading developer of digital storage media for portable Internet appliances and consumer electronic devices, including digital cameras. The relationship with DataPlay provides Kodak with greater opportunity to offer products using DataPlay’s low-cost storage capabilities and take advantage of the convergence ...

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U.S. Handspring Users Now Have Access to Unlimited Removable Memory


Portable Innovation Technology, Ltd. (PIT), provider of high value add-on accessories for handheld computing, today announced the availability in the United States of the MemPlug(TM) SmartMedia(TM) Adaptor. The MemPlug is a Springboard(TM) module for the HandSpring(TM) Visor(TM) that provides unlimited storage using SmartMedia cards. It will be sold throughout the ...

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CompactFlash Association Approves Secure CompactFlash


The CompactFlash Association, holding its general meeting at Kauai, HI on May 23, 2001, approved the Secure CompactFlash proposal developed by the CFA Secure CF Work Group. This proposal adds optional content protection capability to the CompactFlash Specification. In addition, 4C’s CPRM (Content Protection for Recordable Media) was accepted as ...

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No Wireless Screen Is Too Small for Porn


Why wait until you are near a computer, goes the pitch of a growing number of wireless Internet companies, when you can find your stock prices, pay your bills, or read restaurant reviews from the screen of your cell phone? But, like the PC-based Internet, not everything on the wireless ...

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Go Anywhere with VisorPhone and Phone Keypad


Take your VisorPhone everywhere you go—but leave your Visor™ handheld behind! Simply slide the VisorPhone onto the Kensington Phone Keypad Accessory, and you’re ready for action. The Phone Keypad turns your VisorPhone into a stand-alone cellular phone and frees your Visor handheld for other uses. Send and receive calls, and ...

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Linux-Type, Other New PDAs on Exhibit


First International Computer Inc. (FIC) is exhibiting its first personal digital assistant (PDA) device, called “1st PDA,” which uses Linux operating system (OS) and is equipped with a Java virtual machine. Similar to the Java i-mode cellular phone service from NTT DoCoMo Inc., applications written using Java can be directly ...

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Psions Concept Halo


Psion has developed concept device, called HALO, it is a projection communicator that is designed to be worn around the neck. Like the ACE, the HALO uses the Symbian OS, but rather than using a screen it projects images onto any suitable surface such as the palm of a hand, ...

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