IBM Launches Thinkpad T23 with Wireless Capabilities


IBM announced new high-performance ThinkPad T Series models with security features designed to help protect corporate data and e-mail, as well as integrated wireless solutions for highly mobile users. The company is leading an industry charge to develop technologies that allow workers to wirelessly and securely connect to corporate networks ...

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JTel’s New PDA Combines Laser Barcode Scanner


JTEL Co. Ltd is offering the CellVic Scanner PDA, which combines a PDA and a laser scanner for reading standard barcodes. The device is designed for use in manufacturing, logistics, distribution, home shopping and inventory management. It can connect to the Internet via a CDMA/PCS mobile phone or a modem. ...

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Red-M Blade Brings Bluetooth Mobility to Palm Handheld Users


Red-M™, a leading supplier of advanced Bluetooth™ networking product solutions, today launches the Red-M BladeTM, Bluetooth clip-on for the Palm™ Vx handheld computer. The Red-M Blade attaches easily to the back of the handheld, combining all the functionality of the Palm OS platform with Bluetooth wireless flexibility, whether in the ...

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Dell Adds More Muscle, New Colors to Its Notebook Computer Lines


Dell today announced the worldwide availability of two new wireless-ready notebook computers, the InspironTM 8100 and the LatitudeTM C810, that offer customers significantly improved performance and lower power usage. The notebooks feature Intel’s new Mobile Pentium® III processor 1.13 GHz-M, which John Medica, vice president of Dell’s client product group, ...

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eMagin Breakthrough Exceeds LCD Color Quality On OLED Microdisplay


eMagin Corporation, the leader in organic light emitting diode (OLED) on silicon display technology, today announced the ability to create OLED video displays with a balanced full-color spectrum exceeding that of the best commercially available liquid crystal display (LCD) notebook displays. The broader color spectrum OLED microdisplay incorporated in a ...

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Parachute PC Card Adapter Gives New Life to Old Palms


Parachute Technologies, LLC announces the release of the Parachute(TM) PC Card adapter designed for Palm® handheld organizers. Parachute(TM) III, the world’s only PC Card adapter for Palm handheld organizers, clips on a Palm III series organizer allowing it to accept any Type II PC Card or Compact Flash (CF) Card ...

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NEC Computers Inc. Introduces First Ultraportable Notebook with Indoor/Outdoor Viewable Display and Transmeta-Based Processor


NEC Computers Inc., a leading provider of mobile, desktop and server computing solutions for the enterprise market, today unveiled the new NEC Versa® DayLiteTM, the first ultraportable notebook computer to combine the energy-efficient TransmetaTM CrusoeTM processor, an advanced lithium polymer battery, and a unique new illuminated reflective display. Building on ...

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Insignia’s Jeode Technology Set to Ship With New “SuperPDA” From ViewSonic


Insignia Solutions®, the leading provider of accelerated Java™ software solutions for information appliances, announced today that its Jeode™ virtual machine technologies are incorporated into a 10-inch “SuperPDA” that will ship next month by ViewSonic® Corporation, a worldwide leader in visual technologies. ViewSonic’s innovative ViewPadTM 100 SuperPDA is a lightweight (under ...

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Toshiba Has First Microcontroller with SD Memory Card Controller


Toshiba Corporation today announced the world’s first microcontroller dedicated to supporting the SD memory card standard and the simplified design of high-capacity digital audio players. The new 16-bit Complex Instruction Set Computer (CISC) incorporates an SD memory card controller that supports interfacing between an application platform and an SD memory ...

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LG Unveils First High-Speed CDMA 2000 Colour Handset


LG Electronics has recently announced what it claims to be the first high-speed color handset supporting cdma2000, the CyON Color Folder. The handset supports up to 144Kbps data transmission. It has an embedded MSM 5000 chip to enable high-speed wireless data communication and faster mobile Internet access. Its built-in 64M ...

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